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1 Known Bugs worthy of a mention:
2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 1. /MODUNLOAD causes cores:
5 - If a module is modified before being unloaded, /MODUNLOAD (and
6 therefore /MODRELOAD) may cause a core.
8 This problem is caused by the behaviour of the OS, which treats
9 shared libraries differently to executables (modifying the ircd
10 binary whilst it is running would also cause a core, but is denied
11 by the OS). There is no way to fix this at the application level,
12 and fixing the OS to do the right thing is also difficult.
14 A workaround to avoid coring is possible however. To install new
15 modules, first remove or rename the old module, then copy/move the
16 new file into place. /MODUNLOAD will then work successfully.
18 Alternatively, running ./configure with the --disable-shared-modules
19 argument will link all the commands statically, losing the advantages
20 of upgrading at runtime, but reducing the chances of accidentally
21 coring your server.
23 2. Solaris stock 32bit stdio is limited to 256 fds. This breaks when using
24 cryptlinks.
26 BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you should report
27 the bug on our SourceForge.net bug tracker, which you can find at this URL:
29 https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=409046&group_id=33573&func=browse
31 Please include a gdb backtrace and a copy of your config.h and ircd.conf with
32 any report (with passwords and other sensitive information masked).
34 For information how to get a gdb backtrace, see INSTALL (near the end of file).
36 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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