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1 $Id: CREDITS,v 1.2 2007/05/24 13:33:28 mbuna Exp $
3 Author: Stephane Thiell <mbuna@bugged.org>
5 All concepts in libpeak are not mine. The experimental parallel events
6 handling part is. Libpeak uses now well known concepts for
7 asynchronous I/O events which can be found in several open source
8 "event libraries". The runtime system is inspired from the open source
9 Mac OS X CoreFoundation framework, but it's lighter in libpeak. The
10 few assembly parts are taken from FreeBSD and Linux kernel source and
11 from the PM2 software suite. They are only tuned a bit to fit in
12 libpeak. I'm sorry if I forgot something here. I'm glad if libpeak
13 might help for other projects too.
15 Now some people who've put work into libpeak:
17 Jean-Edouard Babin, author of the Perl script for the test suite. Also
18 an excellent tester, especially on NetBSD and rare funky systems!
20 Philippe Bourcier for his encouragements and ideas in several areas
21 (possible applications for libpeak, benchmarking, etc).
23 Pascal Gloor for his encouragements, advises and patches.
25 Technical support is indispensable when developing a library like the
26 PEAK Library. Thanks go to Jean-Edouard Babin (PPC970), Philippe
27 Sainte-Marie (Linux x86 2.6.1), Kevin Roettger (Yellow Dog Linux PPC
28 2.4, 2.6), Julien B. (Linux slackware, HP/UX), Nicolas Goy (Solaris
29 2.9) and the University of Bordeaux I, France (AIX, older Solaris,
30 Linux 2.4 SMP, Alpha, etc.) for providing the needed support.

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