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- Import ircservices-5.1.24. Don't ever think about modifying anything in this
  Since Andrew Church has discontinued his services project in April 2011, the
  ircd-hybrid team has been given permissions to officially continue and
  maintain the already mentioned project.
  The name of this project will be changed for the reason being that the current
  name "IRC Services" is way too generic these days.

  Remember: Don't ever modify anything in here. This folder is kept for reference.

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5 <title>IRC Services Manual - Appendix D. Known issues</title>
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10 <h1 align=center>IRC Services Manual</h1>
12 <h2 align=center>Appendix D. Known issues</h2>
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19 <p>There are a few issues which have been reported as bugs in the past or
20 discovered by the author, but which either are not consistently
21 reproduceable or are a consequence of the way Services works and not easily
22 avoidable. These issues are listed below.</p>
24 <h3>Nickname and NickServ issues</h3>
26 <p><ul><li>When setting NickServ options for other users as a Services
27 administrator, NickServ will incorrectly respond with "Your (option name)
28 has been changed" or similar messages, as though the Services admin's
29 nickname settings had been changed. (The target nickname's settings are
30 in fact correctly modified, while the admin's settings are left alone.)
32 <p><li>If you disable one or more of the <tt>nickserv/access</tt>,
33 <tt>nickserv/autojoin</tt>, <tt>memoserv/main</tt>, and
34 <tt>memoserv/ignore modules</tt>, delete a nickgroup, create a new
35 nickgroup that has the same ID, and re-enable the module(s), the new
36 nickgroup will keep any data from those module(s) that belonged to the old
37 nickgroup. Since nickgroup IDs are assigned randomly, this should be a
38 rare occurrence.
40 </ul>
42 <h3>Channel and ChanServ issues</h3>
44 <p><ul><li>Services appears to incorrectly detect "mode bouncing" (<i>i.e.,</i>
45 the IRC server reversing Services' mode changes) in some cases. When this
46 occurs, commands like <tt>KICK</tt> and <tt>TOPIC</tt> as well as auto-ops
47 and mode locking will no longer work on that channel. If this problem
48 occurs, appropriate messages will be written to the log file; the problem
49 can be worked around by either clearing the channel (removing all users
50 from the channel) or restarting Services. Adding the
51 <a href="a.html#NoBouncyModes"><tt>NoBouncyModes</tt></a> directive in
52 <tt>ircservices.conf</tt> will prevent this problem from occurring, but
53 will cause mode floods if you have an incorrectly configured server on your
54 network.
56 <p><li>If a user without auto-op privileges enters a registered, empty
57 channel and sends a MODE command to change the channel modes before
58 Services removes the user's channel operator privileges, the changed modes
59 will remain in effect on the channel. On some IRC servers, such as
60 InspIRCd and ircd-ratbox, this can be avoided by setting the
61 <a href="a.html#protocol/(insert_protocol_name_here).CSSetChannelTime"><tt>CSSetChannelTime</tt></a>
62 option in <tt>modules.conf</tt>.
64 <p><li>When kicking users from forbidden channels (or in other cases when a
65 user tries to join an empty channel and is kicked), Services will generate
66 debug log messages about "<tt>MODE +b for unknown channel</tt>". These are
67 a side effect of the order in which Services processes the operations
68 involved in the kickban; they are harmless and can be safely ignored. The
69 same or similar messages can also appear during a netburst when modes are
70 sent for a channel after all the users in the channel have been kicked, or
71 when joins and modes are sent for a user who gets autokilled.
73 <p><li>If you try to enter an empty channel and get kicked and banned by
74 ChanServ, you cannot get in with <tt>UNBAN</tt> or <tt>INVITE</tt> even if
75 you would normally have privileges to do so because ChanServ reports that
76 the channel does not exist. This is because ChanServ does not keep track
77 of channels that it is currently residing in after a kickban in the same
78 way that it does for ordinary users.
80 <p><li>When using protocols that support ban exceptions, users can get
81 around the "ban" part of a kickban in an empty channel by sending a ban
82 exception quickly enough that the server processes it before Services is
83 able to kick the user, allowing the user to repeatedly rejoin the channel
84 (and get immediately kicked again). This is a side effect of Services not
85 tracking empty channels in which ChanServ is residing, but if your IRC
86 server's flood protection is set up properly, this will not be a problem in
87 practice (there are many ways for users to generate more network traffic
88 than a join/part loop).
90 <p><li>There appear to be some cases in which channel modes (<tt>+k</tt>
91 and <tt>+o</tt> have been reported) are set twice in succession for the
92 same channel. This naturally has no effect on the channel itself, but some
93 users have reported it as annoying. Services attempts to detect and
94 correct this, but it may still occur in some cases.
96 </ul>
98 <h3>Administration and other issues</h3>
100 <p><ul><li>If you are not using encrypted passwords, then all passwords will
101 be truncated to be at most 32 characters (or <tt>PASSMAX</tt> characters,
102 if you change the value of <tt>PASSMAX</tt> in the <tt>defs.h</tt> source
103 file) long. As a result, any password with the same initial sequence of
104 characters will be treated as a match, even if it is not exactly the same
105 password initially set.
107 <p><li>When setting another nickname's password or a channel's password as
108 a Services administrator, NickServ (or ChanServ) will send out the
109 "<tt><i>ADMIN</i> used SET PASSWORD as Services admin for <i>TARGET</i></tt>"
110 global message even if the password change is rejected due to length or
111 similarity with the target nickname or channel name. This is difficult to
112 fix cleanly in the current code structure (which is one reason the message
113 was written as "used SET PASSWORD" instead of "changed password"). Since
114 this is expected to be a rare occurrence, clarity of code was given
115 preference over adding special-case processing for this case. Note that
116 setting the
117 <a href="a.html#NoAdminPasswordCheck"><tt>NoAdminPasswordCheck</tt></a>
118 option in <tt>ircservices.conf</tt> will disable all password checks for
119 Services administrators, thus avoiding this problem.
121 <p><li>When using the Bahamut protocol, Services will log warnings about
122 missing IP addresses each time an opermasked client connects to the network
123 or rejoins after a netsplit. This is unavoidable on Services' part, since
124 the Bahamut protocol does not seem to provide a way to differentiate between
125 opermasked clients and servers which do not send IP addresses at all.
127 <p><li>It has been reported that using the OperServ <tt>JUPE</tt> command
128 on a Bahamut-based network for a server two or more hops away from the
129 Services uplink server can cause Services to be dropped from the network.
131 <p><li>If you compile on a Macintosh (OSX) system using dynamic modules,
132 the <tt>encryption/unix-crypt</tt> module may fail to load. If this
133 happens, compile using static modules instead (<tt>./configure
134 -use-static-modules</tt>).
136 </ul>
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141 <p><hr>
143 <p align=right><font size=-1><a href="index.html">Table of Contents</a></font>
145 </body>
146 </html>

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