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Fri Aug 12 20:00:46 2011 UTC (10 years, 3 months ago) by michael
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- Import ircservices-5.1.24. Don't ever think about modifying anything in this
  Since Andrew Church has discontinued his services project in April 2011, the
  ircd-hybrid team has been given permissions to officially continue and
  maintain the already mentioned project.
  The name of this project will be changed for the reason being that the current
  name "IRC Services" is way too generic these days.

  Remember: Don't ever modify anything in here. This folder is kept for reference.

1 Version 5.1
2 -----------
3 2011/04/05 .24 End-of-life release. No functional changes.
4 2010/06/08 .23 Fixed a truck-sized security hole allowing any user to
5 read any other user's memos. Reported by Charalampos
6 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
7 2010/05/21 .22 Fixed potential crash in MemoServ FORWARD. Reported by
8 Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
9 2010/01/01 .21 Updated documentation to reflect end-of-life status.
10 2009/11/10 Fixed a few bugs in importing XML data, and removed empty
11 channel access list entries from exported XML data.
12 Reported by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
13 2009/11/07 Fixed minor memory leak and failure to apply CSAutokickMax
14 setting in ChanServ AKICK ADD. Reported by Charalampos
15 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
16 2009/11/07 Fixed cosmetic bugs in some LIST commands and potential
17 leakage of memory contents to database files. Reported
18 by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
19 2009/08/09 .20 Fixed compilation error with glibc 2.10 (Gentoo bug #273938).
20 2009/07/31 .19 Fixed failure to properly guard against users registering
21 or linking the HelpServ nickname. Reported by
22 2009/07/27 Fixed various bugs with the StatServ SERVERS command, and
23 implemented the missing COPY and RENAME subcommands.
24 Reported by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
25 2009/07/27 Fixed some memory management issues, including a potential
26 crash when using the -log command-line option.
27 Reported by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
28 2009/07/13 Fixed another harmless "BUG" message.
29 2009/07/12 Fixed a harmless "BUG" log message resulting from use of
30 the MemoServ INFO command with no parameters. Reported
31 by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
32 2009/07/11 .18 Fixed a harmless bug in some protocol modules causing
33 unnecessary warnings to be logged at shutdown/restart.
34 Reported by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
35 2009/07/11 Implemented the OperServ EXCEPTION CLEAR subcommand, which
36 was previously missing. Reported by Charalampos
37 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
38 2009/07/11 Fixed improper behavior and potential crash resulting from
39 OperServ EXCEPTION MOVE. Reported by Charalampos
40 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
41 2009/06/18 Fixed bug causing "*@*.*" to be improperly allowed as an
42 autokill mask. Reported by Charalampos Pournaris
43 <charpour@gmail.com>
44 2009/06/17 Minor documentation cleanup.
45 2009/06/17 NickServ IDENTIFY no longer writes a log message when a
46 user identifies for a nickname they have already
47 identified for previously. Suggested by Charalampos
48 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
49 2009/06/16 Added support for the +S user and channel modes in the
50 Bahamut protocol module. Suggested by Charalampos
51 Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
52 2009/06/14 Fixed typos in a couple of pseudoclient responses.
53 Reported by Charalampos Pournaris <charpour@gmail.com>
54 2009/05/31 .17 Added safety checks to avoid crashing on certain (different)
55 types of database corruption. Reported by Ian Justman
56 <ianj@esper.net>
57 2009/05/09 Added safety checks to avoid crashing on certain types of
58 database corruption. Reported by Andries Burger
59 <adb@speedfreaks.co.za>
60 2009/05/07 .16 Added NoAdminPasswordCheck configuration option to work
61 around extraneous global messages reported by
62 Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
63 2009/05/07 Changed NickServ SUSPEND command to honor NSSecureAdmins
64 option. Reported by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
65 2009/03/31 .15 Fixed bugs causing potential crashes when connecting to
66 InspIRCd or Unreal servers.
67 2009/03/31 Fixed bug causing an improper notification to be sent when
68 a Services admin uses UNSET on their own nickname.
69 Reported by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
70 2008/12/07 .14 Fixed potential infinite loop on detecting a fatal error.
71 Reported by Jille Timmermans <jille@quis.cx>
72 2008/12/07 Fixed race condition in which Services might fail to send
73 its initial data to the server if the connection took
74 too long. Reported by Alexander Barton <alex@barton.de>
75 2008/12/07 Fixed bug causing incorrect #defines to be written to
76 config.h in non-English locales. Reported by Alexander
77 Barton <alex@barton.de>
78 2008/12/07 Fixed bug causing nickname enforcers to remain online
79 indefinitely if the associated nickname was dropped
80 before the enforcer was removed. Reported by Jille
81 Timmermans <jille@quis.cx>
82 2008/12/07 Fixed bug causing channel ban lists to get desynchronized,
83 leading to failure to add bans when autokicking users.
84 Reported (and fix suggested) by Aragon Gouveia
85 <aragon@phat.za.net>
86 2008/11/08 .13 Fixed bug preventing remote users from being recognized by
87 the rfc1459 protocol module. Reported by Alexander
88 Barton <alex@barton.de>
89 2008/08/22 .12 Added set_password() interface function for use by modules.
90 2008/02/15 Fixed bug causing ChanServ to improperly deop users on
91 SECUREOPS channels under certain conditions. Reported
92 by Timothy C. McGrath <tmhikaru@gmail.com>
93 2008/01/03 .11 Fixed bug allowing users to crash Services through improper
94 use of the ChanServ LISTLEVEL command. Reported by
95 Daniel Lindbeck <dajmon@lindnet.se>
96 2007/12/31 Fixed bug causing ChanServ to reverse mode +o sent by the
97 server for an IRC operator joining a channel. Reported
98 by Marco Wepfer <kampfteufel@hotmail.com>
99 2007/12/22 Added note to section 3-3-1 of the manual pointing out that
100 memo limits are ignored for memos from Services admins.
101 2007/12/09 .10 Fixed bug preventing ircservices-chk from detecting the PID
102 file properly. Reported by <chiappa@webinfo.fi>
103 2007/12/09 Fixed cosmetic bug causing "internal error" messages to be
104 emitted when sending memos to users with forwarding
105 enabled. Reported by Casey <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>
106 2007/11/21 Fixed bug causing compilation to fail on certain platforms.
107 Reported by Jarrod Frates <jfrates@gmail.com>
108 2007/11/21 .9 Fixed security bug unintentionally introduced in 5.1.8.
109 2007/11/21 .8 Corrected half-implemented fix in previous version.
110 2007/11/21 .7 Fixed crash on certain uses of very long passwords.
111 Reported by <loverboy@irc.doruk.net.tr>
112 2007/10/30 Fixed bug preventing channels already registered at startup
113 from appearing in their respective founders' LISTCHANS
114 output. Reported by <loverboy@irc.doruk.net.tr>
115 2007/10/30 .6 Fixed crash on database save under certain conditions.
116 Reported by Aaron Eldridge <drefsab_zn@hotmail.com>
117 2007/10/29 .5 Fixed failure to import some XML data correctly. Reported
118 by Tim Owen <timowen@internode.on.net>
119 2007/10/25 .4 Added workaround for recent Unreal servers that send
120 unsourced SQUIT messages. Reported by Bill Kramme
121 <bk@slashnet.org>
122 2007/10/23 .3 Reviewed the Services codebase, fixing several more bugs
123 that could lead to crashes in certain circumstances.
124 2007/10/20 .2 Fixed bug allowing users with sufficient channel privileges to
125 crash Services. Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@soronline.net>
126 2007/10/20 Added extra tests to the configure script to ensure that
127 dynamically-loaded modules can be used correctly, to
128 work around a problem reported by <iamentity@gmail.com>
129 2007/10/14 Added support to convert-db for encrypted passwords in
130 Anope 1.7.18 and later. Reported by Pierre Fagrell
131 <pierre@fagrell.net>
132 2007/10/12 .1 Fixed bug preventing encrypted passwords from being
133 imported from Epona/Anope databases. Reported by
134 Pierre Fagrell <pierre@fagrell.net>
135 2007/10/10 .0 Version 5.1.0 released.
136 2007/10/10 Updated Cygnus, Epona/Anope, HybServ, and
137 SirvNET/Auspice/Bolivia importers to convert NOOP
138 settings properly. Also updated the SirvNET/etc.
139 importer to convert channel memo level settings.
140 2007/10/10 Memos can now be disabled for a channel by disabling the
141 MEMO privilege level.
142 2007/10/06 Added workaround for a rare problem with InspIRCd 1.1.13
143 and earlier causing the server to be disconnected on a
144 nickname collision or autokill. Reported by Casey
145 <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>; solution suggested by
146 Craig Edwards <brain@winbot.co.uk>
147 2007/09/29 Removed the obsolete "-no-dir-check" option from the
148 configure -help output.
149 2007/09/29 Changed semantics of NickServ NOOP to allow users with NOOP
150 set to be added to channel access lists at negative
151 values (such as the NOP list). Suggested by Trevor
152 Talbot <quension@mac.com>
153 2007/09/16 pre9 Fixed bug causing channels with multiple users not to be
154 recognized on startup when using InspIRCd. Reported by
155 Casey <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>
156 2007/09/13 pre8 Fixed crash in MemoServ INFO. Reported by Casey
157 <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>
158 2007/09/11 pre7 Fixed various problems with the InspIRCd protocol module.
159 Reported by Casey <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au> and
160 Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t@gmail.com>
161 2007/09/10 pre6 Added NSRegDenyIfSuspended configuration option. Suggested
162 by Aragon Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
163 2007/09/03 Updated InspIRCd module to work with InspIRCD 1.1.x (tested
164 with 1.1.12).
165 2007/08/23 pre5 Added NOOP nickname option. Suggested by Casey
166 <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>
167 2007/08/23 Added MEMO-RESTRICTED channel option. Suggested by Casey
168 <caseyclaydon@fastmail.com.au>
169 2007/08/23 Turned warning messages for nonexistent nicknames/channels
170 into debug messages.
171 2007/08/23 Fixed crash introduced in pre4 when a second server is
172 added to the network. Reported by Torbjorn Svensson
173 <azoff@se.linux.org>
174 2007/08/23 Added a missing unregister_callback() to the NickServ module.
175 2007/08/06 pre4 Added "set identified" NickServ callback for actions to be
176 taken when a user is marked identified (whether from
177 the IDENTIFY command or automatic identification).
178 Also renamed "cancel_user" callback to "cancel user".
179 2007/08/05 Updated ratbox protocol module for recent versions of the
180 ircd-ratbox server. Patch provided by ongeboren
181 <xxx.coder@gmail.com>
182 2007/08/05 Added -program option to the configure script, allowing the
183 Services executable name (and the names of related files)
184 to be changed. Suggested by Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>
185 2007/07/30 Fixed potential display bugs in some log messages.
186 Reported by Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>
187 2007/07/27 Services can now be installed under an alternate root by
188 setting the INSTALL_PREFIX make variable. Suggested by
189 Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>
190 2007/07/27 Fixed a bug causing some erroneous server messages to not
191 processed properly.
192 2007/06/11 Dropped some old debugging code.
193 2007/06/10 pre3 Fixed bug allowing guest nicknames to be linked. Reported
194 by Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t@gmail.com> and
195 DeadNotBuried <dnb@majestic-liaisons.com>
196 2007/05/19 pre2 Updated the Turkish language file, courtesy of Basar U.
197 Sezer <srcmaster@crypthon.com>
198 2007/05/17 The database/version4 module now observes the -forceload
199 option when loading the nickname database.
200 2007/05/17 Replaced RSA's MD5 implementation with one licensed under
201 more lenient terms. Suggested by Tim Retout
202 <tim@retout.co.uk>
203 2007/05/14 pre1 Fixed a bug in XML import that caused channel mode locks to
204 be lost. Reported by <loverboy@irc.doruk.net.tr>
205 2007/05/14 Fixed Services being unable to start if both the compatibility
206 strdup() function and memory checking were enabled.
207 2007/05/14 Fixed a potential crash with corrupt databases.
208 2007/05/06 pre0 Added CSSkipModeRCheck option to disable kickbanning of
209 unregistered nicks from +R-locked channels. Suggested
210 by <nim@shadowfire.org>
211 2007/05/06 Changed LISTLINKS for other users from admin-only to
212 oper-only, and documented that LISTEMAIL can be used to
213 the same effect by ordinary users. Suggested by Robin
214 Burchell <surreal.w00t@gmail.com>
215 2007/04/27 Fixed minor bugs in the built-in [v]snprintf().
216 2007/03/31 Moved change logs to docs/ directory.
217 2007/03/24 a13 Changed ChanServ SET PASSWORD to remove founder privileges
218 from any users who had previously identified for the
219 channel. Reported by ongeboren <xxx.coder@gmail.com>
220 2007/02/16 a12 Fixed possibly incorrect handling by convert-db of nonstandard
221 channel fields FREASON and FTIME in HybServ databases.
222 2007/02/16 Fixed result message for SET TIMEZONE by a Services
223 administrator whose timezone is set to the default.
224 2007/02/16 Fixed a duplicate WALLOPS for NickServ SET PASSWORD by
225 Services administrators.
226 2007/02/16 Removed all support for "modeless" channels (+name).
227 2007/02/16 Fixed httpd/redirect handling of nicknames and channel
228 names containing slashes. (As a side effect, URLs with
229 trailing slashes are no longer accepted.)
230 2007/02/16 The httpd/top-page module now only responds to requests for
231 the top page, rather than for any URL.
232 2007/02/16 The built-in HTTP server now reports an error on overlength
233 HTTP request lines rather than silently splitting them.
234 2007/02/16 Added password obscurity check to ChanServ REGISTER and SET
235 PASSWORD. Suggested by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
236 2007/02/16 Changed NSRejectEmail configuration directive to RejectEmail,
237 and added rejection checks to NickServ/ChanServ SET EMAIL.
238 2007/02/16 Changed MD_EXCLUSION constant name to MD_EXCLUDE to match
239 the OperServ command name.
240 2007/02/16 Add get/put-field wrapper routines to database code to
241 remove unnecessary complexity from database modules.
242 2007/02/16 Fixed bug causing PID file to not be removed on exit.
243 2007/01/14 Fixed bug in configure type definitions. Reported by
244 <tigra.ru@gmail.com>
245 2006/12/08 a11 Merged section 6 of the user's manual (on adding features
246 to Services) into the technical manual.
247 2006/12/08 Removed unused read/write macros from
248 modules/database/fileutil.h.
249 2006/12/08 Fixed bug causing the "shutdown" parameter to modules'
250 cleanup functions to always be nonzero.
251 2006/12/06 Removed all remaining "press Enter" warning prompts from
252 configure, making it fully automated.
253 2006/12/06 Clarified that missing system functions (strtok(), etc.)
254 detected by configure do not prevent Services from
255 being compiled and run. Also updated the warning for
256 a missing gethostbyname().
257 2006/11/09 The httpd/top-page module now explicitly returns an error
258 if the specified file cannot be read, rather than
259 deferring to a subsequent handler.
260 2006/11/03 Added workaround for NULL masks in autokick lists. Reported
261 by Gabriel Baez <gabriel.baez@solid-ircd.com>
262 2006/10/29 Fixed the encryption/unix-crypt module to allow crypt()
263 results longer than 13 characters and to not truncate
264 the final character of a PASSMAX-length password.
265 2006/10/01 ChanServ OP/VOICE/etc. now check that the target user is on
266 the channel before performing privilege checks; PROTECT
267 is now disallowed on auto-deop users.
268 2006/09/26 Merged modules/chanserv/autokick.c back into main.c.
269 2006/08/16 Updated documentation to reflect new domain name.
270 2006/08/06 a10 Added preliminary support for the solid-ircd IRC server.
271 2006/06/22 a9 Fixed bug in configuration file handling causing
272 function-processed directives like LoadModule to break.
273 2006/06/22 Added int64 and uint64 types, and added a check to
274 configure to find appropriate system types for them.
275 2006/06/22 Added robustness to socket code in out-of-memory conditions.
276 2006/06/22 Changed select() call to not assume that the timeval struct
277 is valid after the call.
278 2006/06/22 Changed the socket code to use recv() and send() on sockets
279 instead of read() and write().
280 2006/06/22 Fixed potential bug causing accepted sockets' mute status
281 to get out of sync with internal tables.
282 2006/06/22 Corrected handling of nested socket callbacks.
283 2006/06/22 Renamed NET_MIN_BUFSIZE constant to SOCK_MIN_BUFSIZE, and
284 moved it from defs.h to sockets.h.
285 2006/06/19 Fixed a typo in the OperServ AKILL/SLINE CLEAR syntax
286 message. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
287 2006/06/06 a8 Hungarian language file updated for 5.1.
288 2006/06/06 Added message source parameter to "channel KICK" callback.
289 Suggested by Jason Farklem <farklem@gmail.com>
290 2006/06/03 a7 Fixed handling of language strings added by modules in
291 external language files.
292 2006/06/02 Fixed a rare case in which a timed event could fail to be
293 executed, and ensure that extremely long timeouts
294 (>25 days) are not called immediately.
295 2006/06/01 Added robustness to mode character/flag conversion functions.
296 2006/05/31 Fixed infinite loop in ignore code when a single command
297 takes longer to execute than the time specified in the
298 IgnoreDecay configuration directive.
299 2006/05/31 Fixed bug that could potentially cause the log file to be
300 rotated in the middle of writing a log message.
301 2006/05/31 Cleaned up restart handling.
302 2006/05/31 Fixed bug causing missing parameters in a configuration
303 directive to get zeroed rather than keeping their
304 previous values.
305 2006/05/31 Fixed cosmetic bug causing "BUG" message to be logged when
306 deprecated configuration directives are used.
307 2006/04/14 Fixed bug allowing infinite join/kick loops on autokick
308 when Unreal extended bantypes are in use.
309 2006/04/14 Fixed bug causing Services to split from InspIRCd servers
310 without the m_globops.so module loaded. Reported by
311 <techie101@gmail.com>
312 2006/03/22 Logging initialization moved earlier, to catch any
313 unexpected log messages before the log file is opened.
314 2006/03/22 Fixed a critical error in the supplied [v]snprintf() which
315 allowed the output to exceed the specified maximum
316 length.
317 2006/03/20 Corrected a design defect in the hash table implementation
318 creating the potential for entries to get lost after
319 irc_lowertable[] modifications.
320 2006/01/26 a6 Added command aliases for NickServ, ChanServ, and MemoServ
321 via the NSAlias, CSAlias, and MSAlias configuration
322 directives.
323 2006/01/26 Added support for 2-byte characters in valid_nick() and
324 valid_chan().
325 2006/01/26 Added support for the Unreal NICKCHARS protocol setting.
326 2006/01/26 Fixed nickname and channel name validity checking (which
327 was broken for a few protocols).
328 2006/01/26 valid_nick() now defaults to the reference ircd's rules for
329 nickname grammar rather than RFC 1459.
330 2006/01/26 Fixed bug causing databases with load-only fields to be
331 written incorrectly.
332 2006/01/26 Invalid channel names are now automatically removed from
333 the autojoin list on identify.
334 2006/01/26 Fixed memory leak on corrupt channel autokick database.
335 2006/01/26 Fixed bug in Hybrid and Ratbox protocol modules causing
336 forced nickname changing to break.
337 2006/01/25 Moved the contents of the TODO file into section 11 of the
338 technical reference manual.
339 2006/01/25 Fixed bug causing nick authentication reason to get lost on
340 XML import and export.
341 2006/01/25 Eliminated SuspendInfo structure (fields flattened into
342 NickGroupInfo and ChannelInfo).
343 2006/01/25 Fixed bug causing database/standard load routine to break
344 on out-of-order fields.
345 2006/01/24 Fixed minor bug in handling of InspIRCd SETNAME.
346 2006/01/24 a5 Fixed bug causing ChanServ SET MLOCK with extra parameters
347 (like +l NNN) to return a syntax error.
348 2006/01/23 Added experimental support for the InspIRCd IRC server.
349 Suggested by Craig Edwards <brain@winbot.co.uk>
350 2006/01/23 Removed misc.c's dependencies on other core symbols, and
351 changed convert-db to link misc.o in rather than
352 redefine strscpy().
353 2006/01/23 Fixed ChanServ DROP crash. Reported by Vitaliy Ovsyannikov
354 <V.Ovsyannikov@kr.ru>
355 2006/01/22 a4 Added experimental support for the ircd-ratbox IRC server.
356 2006/01/22 Fixed crash on NickServ SET/UNSET from unregistered nicks.
357 Reported by Vitaliy Ovsyannikov <V.Ovsyannikov@kr.ru>
358 2006/01/22 Fixed bug causing Services operators in Sirv databases to
359 be imported with Services administrator privileges.
360 2006/01/22 Overlong IRCS channel names are now handled more robustly
361 in convert-db.
362 2006/01/22 Added support to the PTlink database importer for SQline
363 and SXline databases.
364 2006/01/21 The PTlink database importer now imports temporary
365 (unauthenticated) E-mail addresses.
366 2006/01/21 Updated HybServ database importer for more recent versions
367 of HybServ.
368 2006/01/20 Fixed bugs in importing channel greetings and the VOPALL
369 setting from Cygnus databases.
370 2006/01/20 The Cygnus database importer now imports temporary
371 (unauthenticated) E-mail addresses and channel memo
372 levels.
373 2006/01/18 Moved the contents of the KnownBugs file into the user's
374 manual as Appendix D.
375 2006/01/18 Removed the (now meaningless) -no-dir-check option to the
376 configure script.
377 2006/01/17 Fixed a bug in loading the nickgroup database using the
378 database/standard module. Reported by Vitaliy
379 Ovsyannikov <V.Ovsyannikov@kr.ru>
380 2006/01/17 a3 Fixed a bug in importing channel data when using the
381 database/standard module. Reported by Vitaliy
382 Ovsyannikov <V.Ovsyannikov@kr.ru>
383 2006/01/17 The language and data file installation procedure no longer
384 sets the installed files' modes to owner-access-only;
385 the default file mode (as set with umask) is used.
386 2006/01/15 a2 Fixed a bug in loading the ChanServ database in the
387 database/version4 module.
388 2006/01/15 The misc/xml-import module now allows news items to be
389 imported via the ImportNews configuration directive.
390 Suggested by Kieron Thwaites <ron2k.za@gmail.com>
391 2006/01/15 MemoServ IGNORE now ignores memos from nicknames linked to
392 nickname (but not wildcard) entries on the ignore list.
393 Suggested by Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t@gmail.com>
394 2006/01/15 Renamed ChannelInfo CI_* flags to CF_* for consistency with
395 other structures' flags.
396 2006/01/09 Moved the access, autojoin, memo, and ignore databases to
397 their respective modules, and changed the database
398 names to "nick-access", "nick-autojoin", "memo", and
399 "memo-ignore" respectively.
400 2006/01/09 Changed DBTable.insert() to not return a value.
401 2006/01/09 a1 Finished implementing the database/standard module, and
402 made it the default in the example configuration file.
403 2006/01/08 Removed no-longer-needed new_suspendinfo() and
404 free_suspendinfo() functions.
405 2006/01/08 Moved SuspendInfo structure directly into NickGroupInfo and
406 ChannelInfo structures rather than using pointers.
407 2006/01/07 Added ACCLEV_MAX and ACCLEV_MIN constants to explicitly
408 define ChanServ access levels, rather than relying on
410 2006/01/04 Fixed a bug in writing generic database tables.
411 2006/01/04 Fixed a bug in the Unreal protocol module causing user
412 fakehost masks to get set to the user's mode string.
413 2005/11/23 Added support for writing generic tables (using the new
414 database format) in the database/version4 module.
415 2005/11/23 a0 Converted tabs to spaces in all source files.
416 2005/11/22 Added IncludeFile configuration directive to allow
417 configuration directives to be split up into multiple
418 files. Suggested by Yusuf Iskenderoglu
419 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
420 2005/11/22 Logon news items are no longer sent to users who rejoin the
421 network after a netsplit (for protocols which include
422 Services stamps). Suggested by <v13@it.teithe.gr>
423 2005/11/22 Added CSDefModeLock configuration directive to set the
424 default mode lock for newly registered channels.
425 Suggested by <us44ever@hotmail.com>
426 2005/11/22 Moved database name configuration directives (NickServDB,
427 etc.) to database/version4 module section.
428 2005/11/22 Fixed a bug causing leading newlines in help messages to be
429 stripped.
430 2005/11/22 Added NSSetEmailDelay configuration directive to limit the
431 frequency with which users can use the NickServ SET
432 EMAIL command (and thus cause mail authentication
433 messages to be sent).
434 2005/11/22 Added OperServ GETKEY command to retrieve the key of a +k
435 channel (limited to Services operators). Suggested by
436 Dennis Sela <Schutzgeist@uni.de>
437 2005/11/22 NickServ INFO now indicates when a nickname's user is using
438 a different (linked) nick, provided the nick's PRIVATE
439 option is not set. Suggested by Craig McLure
440 <Craig@chatspike.net>
441 2005/11/22 Merged several redundant AKILL/SLINE-related language strings.
442 2005/11/22 Added CLEAR subcommand to OperServ AKILL and related commands.
443 2005/11/21 Added NSRejectEmail configuration directive for disallowing
444 certain E-mail addresses or address masks from being
445 used in registration.
446 2005/11/21 Autokill expiration WALLOPS messages are now rate-limited
447 to prevent floods.
448 2005/11/21 Added forbidden/suspended/etc. indicators to HTTP server
449 nickname and channel lists.
450 2005/11/21 Added a new configuration directive, WallAdminPrivs
451 (replacing WallGetpass and WallSetpass), to send out a
452 WALLOPS or GLOBOPS on all Services administrator actions.
453 Suggested by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
454 2005/11/21 The Services root nickname will no longer expire, and may
455 no longer be dropped by Services admins. Suggested by
456 Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
457 2005/11/21 Added lookup_language(), lookup_string(), setstring(), and
458 addstring() functions to language subsystem, to allow
459 third-party modules to take advantage of multilingual
460 support.
461 2005/11/21 Renamed setstring() function to mapstring().
462 2005/11/20 NickServ IDENTIFY and SET, ChanServ SET, and OperServ SU and
463 SET now give syntax errors if too many parameters are
464 given.
465 2005/11/20 unload_module() now warns on callbacks added to other modules
466 that are not removed by the module's exit routine.
467 2005/11/20 Services now uses the <stdint.h> include file and its sized
468 integer types where possible.
469 2005/11/20 Finished initial implementation of new database module
470 design. Data access functions (get_XXX() and the like)
471 are now defined in their respective pseudoclient
472 modules rather than in the database module.
473 2005/08/17 Removed StatServ SERVERS COPY and RENAME subcommands.
474 2005/08/17 Redesigned database get/put functions to avoid potential
475 expiration of in-use records.
476 2005/08/17 ChanServ OP/VOICE/etc. now accept multiple nicknames.
477 Suggested by Anton Wolkov (phan70m@gmail.com)
478 2005/08/17 Added the ability to load language files on the fly
479 (LoadLanguageText configuration directive).
480 2005/04/03 Removed support for Unreal 3.1 and earlier.
481 2005/02/24 SQlines are no longer applied to opers on startup for
482 protocols that send user modes in the NICK message
483 (bahamut, hybrid, monkey, ptlink, trircd, unreal).
484 2005/02/24 Added initial user modes to the list of parameters for the
485 "user create" callback.
486 2005/02/23 SIGHUP now saves the databases before rehashing the
487 configuration files. Suggested by Torbjorn Svensson
488 <azoff@se.linux.org>
489 2005/02/23 Added OperServ debug command MONITOR-IGNORE to monitor the
490 ignore level of a particular user.
491 2005/02/23 Redesigned ignore system.
492 2005/02/22 NickServ SET/UNSET for other nicknames (by Services admins)
493 is now done by including a "!" before the nickname.
494 2005/02/22 Added atolsafe() function for more robust string-to-integer
495 conversion.
496 2005/02/22 Added ChanServ ACCESS LISTLEVEL subcommand.
497 2005/01/23 Command-line options can now be specified with two dashes,
498 a la GNU (one dash still works as well).
499 2005/01/23 Added -encrypt-all command-line option.
500 2005/01/23 "make install" will now create directories as needed, rather
501 than configure.
502 2005/01/23 The configure script is now entirely non-interactive;
503 installation directories must be specified on the
504 command line, and configure will not abort if the
505 directories do not exist.
506 2005/01/07 Added "+N" parameter to ChanServ ACCESS/XOP/AKICK LIST.
507 2004/12/28 Added Content-Type header with character set information to
508 mail messages.
509 2004/12/14 Don't apply unauthed expiration time to SETAUTH'd nicks.
510 2004/12/14 Removed NickServ and ChanServ SENDPASS.
511 2004/12/14 Added REAUTH command to nickserv/mail-auth module.
512 2004/12/14 Added encryption/unix-crypt module.
513 2004/12/14 PTlink database encryption types are now imported correctly.
514 2004/12/14 Redesigned encryption system. Encryption cipher is now
515 stored with passwords; "cipher" attribute added to XML
516 <pass>/<founderpass>/<supass> tags.
517 2004/12/13 Added [module_]log[_perror]_debug() functions, and changed
518 module name prefix in log messages ("name:" -> "(name)").
519 2004/12/13 Removed workaround for old versions of GCC.
520 2004/10/25 "Holes" are no longer left in internal channel autokick
521 lists after deleting entries.
522 2004/10/25 Entry numbering removed from ChanServ ACCESS, XOP, and
523 AKICK commands.
524 2004/09/03 MemoServ SET NOTIFY now correctly displays the current
525 NickServ nickname instead of always "NickServ".
526 2004/09/03 Fixed a memory leak in the httpd/auth-ip module.
527 2004/09/03 Removed deprecated nickserv/oldlink module.
528 2004/09/03 Added MemoServ RENUMBER command.
529 2004/09/02 Added "opers only" message to end of NickServ LISTEMAIL
530 help when appropriate.
531 2004/09/02 Fixed bug resolving symbols when using static modules.
532 2004/09/02 Added "end of list" messages for OperServ AKILL/etc LIST/VIEW.
533 2004/09/02 Added "+N" parameter to set list starting point for
534 NickServ/ChanServ LIST and OperServ AKILL/etc LIST/VIEW.
535 Suggested by Michael D. Smith <msmith@acmecorp.org>
536 2004/08/27 Clarified OperServ CLEARMODE response messages.
537 2004/08/27 Removed reference to ACCESS in ChanServ REGISTER help to
538 avoid confusing users when only the XOP commands are
539 available.
540 2004/08/27 Changed the compatibility strsignal() to use the more
541 common names for SIGSTOP/SIGTSTP.
542 2004/08/27 Added strbcpy() function (macro) for improved robustness.
543 2004/08/27 Revised message-handling code to optimize lookups of
544 frequently-seen messages.
545 2004/08/27 Removed ChanServ module dependency from XML import module.
546 2004/08/26 Finished redesign of module system internals. Modules now
547 have a THIS_MODULE macro which automagically points to
548 the module's data structure; THIS_MODULE made implicit
549 in relevant modules.c function calls.
550 2004/08/13 Channel mode locks are now stored as strings rather than
551 bitmasks in the on-disk database.
552 2004/08/12 NickServ LIST/LISTEMAIL and ChanServ LIST now display "no
553 matches" instead of "0/0 matches shown" if no matches.
554 2004/08/12 Fixed failure to abort in-transit mail messages on mail
555 module removal (potentially resulting in crashes).
556 2004/08/12 Removed MaxSockets (mail/smtp) directive since MaxMessages
557 now performs the same function.
558 2004/08/12 Added MaxMessages configuration directive to mail/main module.
559 2004/08/12 Disabled swritemap() in new sockets code to avoid
560 dependence on munmap().
561 2004/08/10 MemoServ FORWARD now forwards all selected memos in a
562 single mail message.
563 2004/08/10 Fixed minor memory leak in sending mail.
564 2004/08/10 Fixed bug in mail/smtp module causing blank lines to be
565 removed from message bodies.
566 2004/08/10 Removed MSNotifyAll configuration directive; MemoServ will
567 now always send notices to all online nicks.
568 2004/08/10 Added MSExpireDelay and removed MSExpireUnread configuration
569 directives.
570 2004/08/10 Redesigned channel memo system to send memos to individual
571 users instead of storing them separately with the channel.
572 2004/08/05 DevNull and HelpServ no longer allow their nicknames to be
573 registered or linked.
574 2004/08/05 Add note about increasing stack size on AmigaOS. Reported
575 by Michael Trebilcock <trebs@ihug.com.au>
576 2004/08/04 Added NickServ RESTOREMAIL command, which allows a user to
577 restore their nickname's last authenticated E-mail
578 address after an (unauthenticated) change. The calling
579 format of the NickServ SET EMAIL callback has also been
580 changed.
581 2004/08/04 nickserv/mail-auth module no longer changes default
582 nickname flags on registration.
583 2004/08/04 Added notices for delayed errors on mail authentication
584 message sending.
585 2004/08/03 Added support for importing VOPALL channel setting in Cygnus.
586 2004/08/03 Fixed bug in configure script which left its temporary
587 directory sitting around when run with -check.
588 2004/08/03 Added ACCLEV_DEFAULT constant and use instead of allocating
589 and freeing ci->levels to indicate defaults. Changes
590 to the default level values will now be reflected
591 immediately in channels which have not changed that
592 particular level.
593 2004/08/03 Added IP address check to match_usermask(), and removed
594 special cases scattered throughout the code. As a
595 result, memo ignore and autokick now also work with IP
596 addresses.
597 2004/07/29 MODE -o+v from a user on themselves no longer causes
598 ChanServ to remove the +v. Reported by
599 <chat@discoware.com>
600 2004/07/28 NSRequireEmail is now enabled by default.
601 2004/07/28 Fixed rare bug causing +r (registered) mode to get left on
602 dropped channels.
603 2004/07/28 ChanServ now requires the channel password in the DROP
604 command; dropping by Services administrators is now
605 done with the DROPCHAN command.
606 2004/07/28 The configure script now checks that pointers have a sane size.
607 2004/07/28 Pseudoclients are no longer set +o on servers where they
608 don't need oper privileges. Suggested by Ben Goldstein
609 <beng@nc.rr.com>
610 2004/07/28 Clarified OperServ CLEARMODES help.
611 2004/07/28 Changed out-of-date "expires at next database update"
612 message to "expired".
613 2004/07/28 Added EXCEPTION COUNT command.
614 2004/07/27 Removed CSAutokickReason configuration directive (obsoleted
615 by "AKICK by <nick>" reason prefix).
616 2004/07/27 Added CHECK subcommand for OperServ AKILL/EXCLUDE/SxLINE/
618 2004/07/27 Added unsorted hash mode (configure -no-sorted-list).
619 2004/07/24 Removed support for the "channel owner" mode present in some
620 IRC servers.
621 2004/07/15 Added SendTimeout configuration directive for mail timeouts.
622 2004/07/14 RPM/Debian packages now install into /opt/ircservices and
623 /var/opt/ircservices instead of under /usr.
624 2004/07/13 Memory-checking code (configure -memchecks) now fills
625 memory with arbitrary values to catch misuse of
626 uninitialized or freed memory.
627 2004/07/13 Added ChanServ NOP (never-op list) command. Suggested by
628 Kieron Thwaites <ron2k@webmail.co.za>
629 2004/07/13 Removed Italian and Portuguese language files, which were
630 hopelessly out of date.
631 2004/07/13 Rewrote socket-handling code.
632 2004/07/02 Moved channel mode lock data to its own structure.
633 2004/07/02 Merged NSListMax and CSListMax configuration options into
634 ListMax, and applied ListMax to OperServ as well.
635 2004/06/30 Code base split off from version 5.0.33.
637 Version 5.0
638 -----------
639 2009/07/31 .64 ChanServ DEPROTECT no longer removes channel owner mode, to
640 prevent abuse by rogue users. Reported by Kieron
641 Thwaites <ron2k.za@gmail.com>
642 2007/11/21 .63 Backported security-related fixes from 5.1.
643 2007/06/10 .62 Backported 5.1 fix for a bug allowing guest nicknames to be
644 linked.
645 2007/03/30 .61 Fixed crash on x86-64 systems under certain circumstances.
646 Reported by Andrey V. Elsukov <bu7cher@yandex.ru>
647 2007/03/24 .60 Changed ChanServ SET PASSWORD to remove founder privileges
648 from any users who had previously identified for the
649 channel (backported from 5.1a13). Reported by
650 ongeboren <xxx.coder@gmail.com>
651 2006/10/01 .59 Added support to convert-db for versions of PTlink Services
652 through 2.26-eol.1.
653 2006/08/16 Updated documentation to reflect new domain name.
654 2006/06/22 .58 Added workaround to support the broken MD5 encryption used
655 in Epona/Anope (through at least version 1.7.14),
656 enabled by the EnableAnopeWorkaround option for the
657 encryption/md5 module in modules.conf. Reported by
658 Gabriel Baez <gabriel.baez@solid-ircd.com>
659 2006/06/22 configure -check (run by the Makefile) no longer leaves a
660 conf-tmp directory lying around.
661 2006/06/21 Fixed error when compiling with recent versions of GNU make.
662 2006/06/20 Fixed crash when importing some Anope databases. Reported
663 by Gabriel Baez <gabriel.baez@solid-ircd.com>
664 2006/01/20 Added support to convert-db for recent versions of Epona.
665 2006/01/20 .57 Fixed conversion of Anope 1.7 OperServ databases. Reported
666 by Matt Smith <ratman6@charter.net>
667 2006/01/20 ChanServ SET SECUREOPS now prevents unprivileged users from
668 gaining channel protect (+a) status as well. Reported
669 by A.S. <loverboy@irc.doruk.net.tr>
670 2006/01/20 Fixed a bug in the Cygnus database converter causing
671 autokills with invalid expiration data to expire
672 immediately rather than remain with no expiration time.
673 2006/01/07 Fixed a cosmetic bug in ChanServ LIST causing the no-expire
674 flag "!" to not be shown for suspended channels.
675 2005/11/20 .56 Fixed a bug in StatServ that could cause a crash if
676 StatServ was unloaded with a rehash while Services
677 was running.
678 2005/11/07 Changed NickServ and ChanServ SET PASSWORD to prevent the
679 use of spaces in passwords.
680 2005/11/07 The NickServ commands DROP, RECOVER, RELEASE, and GHOST now
681 report a syntax error rather than "password incorrect"
682 when too many parameters are given. (As a result,
683 passwords containing spaces can no longer be used with
684 these commands. Use IDENTIFY followed by SET PASSWORD
685 to set a new password without spaces.)
686 2005/10/26 Fixed incorrect end-of-/WHOIS responses for several
687 pseudoclients. Reported by Robin Burchell
688 <surreal.w00t@gmail.com>
689 2005/09/26 .55 Added documentation on CSSetChannelTime configuration option.
690 2005/08/25 Fixed rare bug allowing users to gain voice status
691 improperly. Reported by Anton Wolkov <phan70m@gmail.com>
692 2005/08/23 Added "authed" callback for newly-authorized nicknames.
693 Suggested by Robin Burchell <surreal.w00t@gmail.com>
694 2005/08/16 .54 The ChanServ check_kick callback now passes the channel
695 name as a string instead of the Channel structure, so
696 the channel name can be known even if the channel is
697 empty. Reported by Olly <olly@avansys.co.uk>
698 2005/08/13 The S-line commands (SGLINE, SQLINE, and SZLINE) now check
699 that "*" or similarly overbroad masks are not used.
700 Suggested by Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
701 2005/08/13 Fixed minor bugs in the code to check whether a new
702 autokill is too broad (such as "*").
703 2005/08/13 Fixed a compilation error (and many warnings) when
704 compiling with GCC 4.
705 2005/08/13 Added UNSET callbacks for NickServ and ChanServ. Suggested
706 by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
707 2005/05/12 .53 Fixed bug causing server connection to fail.
708 2005/05/12 .52 Fixed occasional corruption of the NickServ REGISTER syntax
709 string upon reconfiguration (OperServ REHASH).
710 Reported by <alm@woodnet.ru>
711 2005/05/06 Fixed attempts to send PING messages before connecting to
712 the server. Reported by Craig McLure
713 <Craig@chatspike.net>
714 2005/04/02 .51 convert-db now checks for more potential problems with the
715 imported databases before writing out the XML data.
716 2005/04/02 Fixed bugs when converting databases from old versions of
717 PTlink Services.
718 2005/04/01 Fixed handling of links to forbidden nicks when converting
719 Auspice databases.
720 2005/03/31 ChanServ KICK no longer allows Services opers to be kicked.
721 2005/03/31 Ensured that usermode +r is cleared from nicks which lose
722 their identification status (e.g. from FORBID/SUSPEND).
723 2005/03/31 NickServ SUSPEND now forces the user of the suspended
724 nick to change nicknames, as FORBID does. Reported by
725 Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
726 2005/03/31 ChanServ now stops non-identified users from joining
727 channels with mode +R locked on. Suggested by
728 Dionisios K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
729 2005/03/29 .50 Fixed security hole in NickServ LISTLINKS allowing any user
730 to view a nick's links. Reported by
731 <katarn@shadowfire.org>
732 2005/03/06 .49 Added Russian language file, courtesy of Alexander Zverev
733 <tty@inbox.ru>
734 2005/03/05 Services will now accept multiple PROTOCTL messages from
735 the Unreal ircd (as implemented in Unreal CVS).
736 2005/03/04 Added support for +I/+j channel modes in Unreal 3.2.3.
737 Reported by Kieron Thwaites <ron2k@webmail.co.za>
738 2005/02/23 .48 Fix careless bug leading to possible crash on exit or rehash.
739 2005/02/23 .47 Channels no longer expire while an auto-op user is in the
740 channel; expiration is delayed until the time specified
741 by CSExpire after the last such user leaves the channel.
742 Reported by Anton Wolkov <phan70m@gmail.com>
743 2005/02/23 Added user IP addresses to the OperServ LISTUSER debug
744 command as well.
745 2005/02/21 .46 Fixed some warnings during compilation.
746 2005/02/21 Fixed bug causing modified files to not be recompiled
747 properly when compiling with GNU make 3.79.
748 2005/02/20 The OperServ debug command LISTUSERS now includes the IP
749 address for each user before the user's mode string.
750 2005/02/19 Added workaround for GCC bugs on PowerPC systems.
751 2005/01/27 Fixed careless error in "make distclean". Reported by
752 Stanislav Zahariev <sofit@evronet.tv>
753 2005/01/21 .45 Added HybServ support to convert-db. Suggested by
754 Stanislav Zahariev <sofit@evronet.tv>
755 2005/01/21 convert-db is now recompiled properly if the compilation
756 options passed to the configure script are changed.
757 2005/01/13 IRC operators are now properly shown the operator version
758 of ChanServ HELP LIST. Reported by Kieron Thwaites
759 <ron2k@webmail.co.za>
760 2004/12/13 .44 Fixed a careless error in the va_copy workaround.
761 2004/12/02 .43 Added workaround for va_copy with obsolete compilers.
762 Reported by <us44ever@hotmail.com>
763 2004/12/02 Added support for SGlines on Unreal. Reported by Dionisios
764 K. <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
765 2004/12/02 Fixed "unknown message" on Unreal SWHOIS. Reported by
766 Anton Wolkov <phan70m@gmail.com>
767 2004/11/22 Fixed URLs in the documentation to point to the new website.
768 2004/11/22 .42 The mail/smtp module now allows multiple RelayHost
769 configuration directives for backup relay servers.
770 Suggested by Torbjorn Svensson <azoff@se.linux.org>
771 2004/11/22 Fixed extraneous "Unknown message" log messages on Unreal.
772 Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
773 2004/10/29 Clarified "please change your nick" message text.
774 Suggested by Dylan v.d Merwe <dylanvdm@icon.co.za>
775 2004/10/25 Fixed crash when using the Japanese language file with the
776 OperServ SLINE COUNT command.
777 2004/10/19 Fixed bug allowing StatServ and global noticer nicknames to
778 be registered/linked. Reported by M. van Cuijk
779 <mark@phedny.net>
780 2004/10/14 Fixed various bugs and warnings when compiling on x86-64.
781 Reported by <liverbugg@rinux.org>
782 2004/10/14 Added workaround for GNU coreutils (>=5.2) brokenness.
783 2004/10/13 SET MLOCK no longer allows locking +K without +i on Unreal.
784 Reported by <help@thaiirc.in.th>
785 2004/10/13 Fixed cosmetic bug in MemoServ IGNORE. Reported by
786 <saman@ttnet.net.tr>
787 2004/10/11 Fixed disconnect on incoming data flood. Reported by
788 <ballsy@mystical.net>
789 2004/10/03 Updated the README file for the current manual structure.
790 2004/10/03 .41 Fixed SQUIT of juped servers on Bahamut. Reported by Pasi
791 Hirvonen <psh@iki.fi>
792 2004/10/03 Fixed cosmetic bug in NickServ SUSPEND help. Reported by
793 Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
794 2004/10/02 Fixed bug causing endless log messages on full network
795 buffer. Reported by <ballsy@mystical.net>
796 2004/10/02 OperServ AKILLCHAN now honors the WallOSAkill setting.
797 Reported by Pasi Hirvonen <psh@iki.fi>
798 2004/09/19 Fixed missing object file in Hybrid module compilation.
799 Reported by Jon Christopherson <jon@layertek.com>
800 2004/09/05 .40 Fixed careless bug in autojoin module.
801 2004/09/05 .39 Fixed bug allowing some NickServ/ChanServ commands to be
802 used even in read-only mode. Reported by Craig McLure
803 <Craig@chatspike.net>
804 2004/09/02 Fixed minor formatting errors in language files.
805 2004/09/02 Fixed bugs in SMTP handling. Reported by Gregg Conklin
806 <greco@gate.net>
807 2004/08/24 Fixed a trivial error in the modules/protocol Makefile.
808 2004/08/15 .38 Services now checks channel joins against the channel's
809 current modes as well as mode locks, to prevent users
810 from "riding" netsplits into privileged channels.
811 Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
812 2004/07/27 .37 Autokicks now prefix the kick reason with "AKICK by <nick>"
813 to avoid misleading kick messages. Suggested by Bergee
814 <lordbergee@comcast.net>
815 2004/07/26 Fixed potential crashes in NickServ UNSUSPEND, DROP, and
816 LINK (from the nickserv/oldlink module only). Reported
817 by Tom McIntyre <chawmp@cyberarmy.net>
818 2004/07/15 Fixed cosmetic bug in MemoServ INFO display. Reported by
819 Bergee <lordbergee@comcast.net>
820 2004/07/14 Fixed potential crash on exit when freeing language data.
821 2004/07/14 Fixed bug causing nickname enforcers to not be removed when
822 a nickname was deleted. Reported by Bergee
823 <lordbergee@comcast.net>
824 2004/07/09 .36 Removed log message on socket buffer size misbehavior.
825 2004/07/09 Fixed potential crash on SQUIT. Reported by Tom McIntyre
826 <chawmp@cyberarmy.net>
827 2004/07/08 .35 Fixed memory leak in httpd/auth-password module when
828 reconfiguring.
829 2004/07/08 Fixed bug causing HTTP password authorization to fail.
830 Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
831 2004/07/07 Added support for invite masks to Hybrid protocol.
832 Suggested by Jon Christopherson <jon@jons.org>
833 2004/07/05 .34 configure now properly detects the GCC version in use when
834 running under Debian Linux.
835 2004/07/02 Fixed bugs in handling MLOCK +/-j on Bahamut.
836 2004/07/02 Fixed tiny potential memory leak on failed SET MLOCK.
837 2004/06/29 .33 Fixed child process handling bug in mail/sendmail module.
838 Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
839 2004/06/29 ChanServ STATUS now displays the SOP/AOP/VOP level when the
840 chanserv/access-xop module is loaded. Suggested by
841 Kieron Thwaites <ron2k@webmail.co.za>
842 2004/06/29 For Bahamut, SGLINE/SQLINE commands for masks not in the
843 appropriate list are now reversed by Services (to
844 prevent "revival" of deleted masks by split servers).
845 This applies to operator-issued SGLINE/SQLINEs as well.
846 2004/06/17 The configure script now checks for two bugs in GCC (fixed
847 in GCC 3.4.0) which cause Services to crash.
848 2004/06/07 .32 Updated Unreal protocol module for Unreal 3.2.1.
849 2004/05/24 get_access() (which returns a user's access level on a
850 channel) is now exported by the chanserv/main module.
851 2004/05/18 -z (insecure) users can no longer enter channels locked to
852 +z on Unreal. Reported by Dionisios K.
853 <vonitsa_net@yahoo.gr>
854 2004/05/14 Fixed failure to clear ban exceptions on autokick.
855 Reported by Eric Murphy <emurphy@sporked.us>
856 2004/05/12 Updated Bahamut protocol module for Bahamut 1.8.0. Support
857 for 1.4.x has been removed.
858 2004/05/07 Fixed errors in OperServ SESSIONS and EXCEPTIONS help text.
859 Reported by Elijah <admin@nevernet.net>
860 2004/05/04 Fixed harmless compilation warning in database/version4
861 module. Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
862 2004/04/29 .31 Fixed crash with MLOCK +J when using trircd protocol.
863 Reported by <irc@teknet.com.tr>
864 2004/04/28 Added stricter checks on module loading order.
865 2004/04/09 .30 Added logic to configure script to avoid the use of the
866 -fstack-protector option if doing so would trigger a
867 compiler bug. Reported by Torbjorn Svensson
868 <azoff@se.linux.org>
869 2004/04/06 ChanServ no longer requires an explicit IDENTIFY to use INFO
870 ALL. Reported by Wolfgang Urban <ircservices@tou.de>
871 2004/04/06 NickServ LISTCHANS now properly aborts when a non-servadmin
872 uses the nickname form of the command. Reported by
873 Elijah <admin@nevernet.net>
874 2004/04/04 The ChanServ DEPROTECT command now clears channel-owner
875 status on those IRC servers that support such a mode.
876 Suggested by <freakycomputer@global.co.za>
877 2004/04/02 Fixed additional bug causing autokill exclusions to not
878 function properly in some cases.
879 2004/04/02 Fixed bug causing autokill exclusions to not function under
880 Unreal. Reported by Eric Murphy <emurphy@sporked.us>
881 2004/03/31 Fixed bug allowing users to improperly be identified for
882 newly-registered nicknames awaiting authentication.
883 Reported by <cyberdems@cyberdems.za.net>
884 2004/03/30 Added workaround for Unreal SQLINE "bouncing" issue.
885 Reported by Craig Edwards <brain@winbot.co.uk>
886 2004/03/30 ChanServ SET RESTRICTED no longer modifies the internal
887 NOJOIN level.
888 2004/03/30 Fixed failure to reset internal-use AUTODEOP and NOJOIN
889 channel levels when loading databases from version 4.5
890 and earlier. Reported by Wolfgang Urban
891 <ircservices-coding@tou.de>
892 2004/03/24 .29 Added support for extended ban types, new channel mode +f
893 format, and other feeping creaturism in Unreal 3.2.
894 2004/03/24 Fixed PTlink channel database reading, and added workaround
895 for PTlink bug causing inconsistent data to be stored.
896 Reported by <dux@fbnet.org>
897 2004/03/17 Added experimental support for Hybrid 7 servers. Thanks to
898 Jon Christopherson <jon@jons.org> for assistance.
899 2004/03/06 Updated tr-ircd protocol module to support version 5.7.
900 Support for versions before 5.5 has been dropped at the
901 tr-ircd author's request.
902 2004/02/05 .28 The OperServ AKILL/EXCLUDE/EXCEPTION/SLINE LIST and VIEW
903 commands now only display the first 50 entries matching
904 the given mask. Note that no notice is given if the
905 list is cut off; this will be remedied, and the limit
906 (50) made configurable, in a future release.
907 2004/02/02 Fixed a cosmetic bug in ChanServ SET SECURE help. Reported
908 by Andrew Kempe.
909 2004/01/22 Fixed a bug causing the ChanServ XOP DEL commands to delete
910 the wrong access entries. Reported by <profound@eyerc.net>
911 2004/01/05 + in channel names no longer confuses the httpd/dbaccess
912 module. Reported by <phantom@phntm.nix.org.il>
913 2004/01/05 Channel entry messages are now prefixed with the channel
914 name. Suggested by Medice.
915 2004/01/05 Fixed a bug in calculating session memory usage for OperServ
916 STATS ALL. Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
917 2003/12/09 Added slightly more verbose logging when a fatal signal is
918 received.
919 2003/12/03 .27 Fixed a stupid bug in the AKILLCHAN command causing corrupted
920 autokills. Reported by <freakycomputer@global.co.za>
921 2003/12/03 Various code cleanups and memory leak fixes.
922 2003/12/02 Fixed security loophole allowing users to obtain channel
923 privileges with a nickname awaiting authentication
924 after a SET EMAIL command.
925 2003/12/02 MEMCHECKS/SHOWALLOCS log messages now show the full path of
926 the calling file.
927 2003/12/02 Implemented "overwrite" option for XML import.
928 2003/12/01 Services no longer logs errors when receiving SZLINE
929 messages (using the Bahamut protocol). Reported by
930 <ballsy@mystical.net>
931 2003/11/30 Fixed crash on exit in FreeBSD. Reported by Chris Riley
932 <dooley@risanet.com>
933 2003/11/30 Fixed memory corruption when unable to open initial log file.
934 2003/11/28 Fixed crash on long channel mode commands. Reported by
935 <diego@redesul.net>
936 2003/11/26 .26 Some configuration settings (such as FromAddress in mail/main)
937 which were only checked for validity at startup are now
938 also checked when rehashing the configuration files.
939 2003/11/26 Fixed failure to recognize changes in the MSAllowForward
940 configuration directive (for the memoserv/forward module).
941 2003/11/26 Improved internal storage format for nickname authentication
942 codes (the reason for setting the code is now stored
943 separately from the code itself). As a result, Cygnus
944 codes are now imported without any changes.
945 2003/11/26 Fixed infinite-loop bug in Magick database importer.
946 Reported by <freakycomputer@global.co.za>
947 2003/11/25 Fixed potential desynchronization bug with channel MODE -e.
948 2003/11/25 The registration delay functionality (NSRegDelay and
949 NSInitialRegDelay) now shows the remaining amount of
950 time the user needs to wait rather than the full delay
951 length.
952 2003/11/25 Added NSInitialRegDelay configuration option. Suggested by
953 Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
954 2003/11/25 Documented the workings of hash.h.
955 2003/11/25 Fixed more memory leaks, and did minor code cleanups.
956 2003/11/20 Fixed a cosmetic bug in OperServ HELP AKILLCHAN. Reported
957 by <ballsy@mystical.net>
958 2003/11/18 .25 Fixed potential crashes when importing or exporting data
959 via the command line.
960 2003/11/18 Fixed various memory leaks.
961 2003/11/17 When SHOWALLOCS is enabled, the file and line at which
962 memory was allocated or freed is now logged.
963 2003/11/15 Fixed bugs in the configure script when using a deprecated
964 version of GCC. Reported by Matthew Hodgson
965 <arathorn@theonering.net>
966 2003/11/13 Added AKILLCHAN command to operserv/akill module.
967 Suggested by <us44ever@hotmail.com> and others. As a
968 result, the operserv/akill module now requires a new
969 configuration directive, AkillChanExpiry, to be set in
970 modules.conf.
971 2003/11/13 OperServ will now issue a warning if EnableExclude is used
972 with an IRC server type that does not support autokill
973 exclusions (thus preventing autokills from being sent).
974 2003/11/13 The program name "anope" can now be used with convert-db
975 for Anope databases. ("epona" will still work as well.)
976 2003/11/12 Added support to convert-db for PTlink 2.22.0 and later.
977 2003/11/11 .24 Fixed a warning in convert-db compilation.
978 2003/11/11 Fixed bugs in convert-db causing some nickname and channel
979 settings (timezone, language, channel and memo limits)
980 to not be initialized properly.
981 2003/11/11 Added -tzfile, -no-timezones, and -reset-memo-limits
982 options to the Cygnus database converter in convert-db.
983 2003/11/05 Databases can now be exported in XML from the command line
984 (-export option).
985 2003/11/05 GCC versions earlier than 3.2 (except 2.95.3) are now
986 deprecated. Variadic macros workaround added for
987 problem reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
988 2003/11/05 Channel last-used time is now updated properly for the
989 first user to enter the channel if the user has auto-op
990 privileges. Reported by <saman@alkol.org>
991 2003/11/01 .23 Fixed bug causing database contents to get lost for small
992 databases on full filesystems. Reported by
993 <us44ever@hotmail.com>
994 2003/10/29 Fixed minor bugs in convert-db, and added checks to the
995 data before it is output. (As a result, convert-db
996 will take somewhat longer to process the same data.)
997 2003/10/27 Added support to convert-db for converting Cygnus databases.
998 Suggested by Jamie Penman-Smithson <jamie@chatnplay.net>
999 2003/10/27 Modified default channel level definitions to use ACCLEV_*
1000 constants from chanserv.h. If you change the constants
1001 (not recommended for compatibility reasons), the
1002 default channel levels will now change with them.
1003 2003/10/24 Added note to ListenTo directive documentation concerning
1004 the usage of low port numbers.
1005 2003/10/18 Added FAQ F.10 regarding the ImmediatelySendAutokill option
1006 to help people who have trouble reading documentation.
1007 2003/10/17 Fixed a cosmetic bug when giving forbidden nicknames to the
1008 AUTH-related commands. Reported by <us44ever@hotmail.com>
1009 2003/10/14 Fixed a typo in the ChanServ SET help text. Reported by
1010 playa <playa6@sbcglobal.net>
1011 2003/09/09 .22 The SHOWALLOCS compilation option can now be set from the
1012 configure script instead of editing memory.c directly.
1013 2003/09/09 Fixed bug causing blank lines in help messages to not be
1014 sent in rare cases.
1015 2003/09/09 Clarified NickServ AJOIN help with regard to +k and similar
1016 channels.
1017 2003/08/31 NickServ now displays the proper LIST help text for IRC
1018 operators. Reported by <saturn@jetirc.net>
1019 2003/08/31 Disabling the AUTOPROTECT channel level now disables
1020 automatic channel founder (Unreal, etc.) as well.
1021 2003/08/31 ChanServ LEVELS DISABLE AUTOOP (and AUTOVOICE, etc.) now
1022 properly affects the founder as well. Reported by
1023 Shaun Guth <l8nite@l8nite.net>
1024 2003/08/31 Fixed desynch on MODE -b with differing upper/lower case
1025 from the actual ban. Reported by Jeffrey Kam
1026 <jskam@shaw.ca>
1027 2003/08/31 Fixed potential crash on attempted DROP of a forbidden
1028 channel. Reported by Marc-Andre A. Fuentes
1029 <nothing@psychopat.org>
1030 2003/08/30 Add syntax reminder for users that get E-mail address and
1031 password backwards in NickServ REGISTER. Suggested by
1032 Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1033 2003/08/30 Fixed desynch occurring with MergeChannelModes when a user
1034 joined an empty channel and quickly changed nicknames.
1035 2003/08/30 NickServ SET EMAIL now logs the previous E-mail address as
1036 well as the new one. Suggested by
1037 <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>. As a result, the log message
1038 now has a slightly different format.
1039 2003/08/30 Fixed bug causing some ChanServ mode changes to get lost.
1040 Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1041 2003/08/30 ChanServ no longer attempts to restore the topic on a
1042 channel if no topic has been recorded.
1043 2003/08/30 Added NickServ DROPEMAIL command.
1044 2003/08/30 ChanServ SET FOUNDER and SET SUCCESSOR now log the previous
1045 founder/successor as well as the new one. Suggested by
1046 <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>. As a result, the log messages
1047 now have a slightly different format.
1048 2003/08/29 Channel mode and topic changes (except for mode changes
1049 caused by CSSetChannelTime) now always use a consistent
1050 source name: ChanServ, OperServ, or the server name,
1051 depending on whether the respective modules are loaded.
1052 2003/07/27 Added FAQ Z.3.5 regarding backtraces.
1053 2003/07/16 Added explanation of reasoning behind choice of license
1054 terms. Suggested by Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>
1055 2003/07/09 .21 Fixed type-related warnings in some environments.
1056 2003/07/09 Fixed errors when compiling in parallel (make -jN).
1057 2003/07/04 Fixed warnings about builtin function name clash with GCC.
1058 Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1059 2003/06/28 Fixed crash on abnormal disconnection from server.
1060 Reported by Jeffrey A. Kent <jeff.kent@myrealbox.com>
1061 2003/06/25 Fixed compilation failure on OpenBSD. Reported by
1062 <obi_wan@no.script-irc.de>
1063 2003/06/21 .20 Fixed a minor memory leak in the socket handling code.
1064 2003/06/17 Minor tweaks to various Makefiles.
1065 2003/06/16 Fixed bug causing data in socket write buffers to get
1066 corrupted.
1067 2003/06/11 Added workaround for GCC bug on SPARC systems. Reported by
1068 Kevin Kane <kane@firelion.org>
1069 2003/06/09 Fixed compilation problems on Solaris. Reported by Kevin
1070 Kane <kane@firelion.org>
1071 2003/06/09 NickServ autojoin no longer auto-invites users into +i
1072 channels when the user doesn't have INVITE privileges.
1073 Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1074 2003/06/05 Fixed bug causing ChanServ to inappropriately remove some
1075 users' channel modes. Reported by Yusuf Iskenderoglu
1076 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1077 2003/06/05 Changed handling of inappropriate channel user mode changes
1078 (e.g. entering a registered channel and setting +v on
1079 oneself before Services' -o comes through) to remove
1080 only the added modes, not all of them.
1081 2003/06/02 Corrected various errors and inconsistencies in the language
1082 files, and brought section 4 of the manual up to date.
1083 2003/06/02 Added FORCE option to OperServ UPDATE command.
1084 2003/06/02 OperServ UPDATE now sends a notice after saving the
1085 databases indicating whether the operation succeeded.
1086 2003/06/02 Fixed bug causing some callback functions to not be called
1087 if a callback function removed itself from the callback
1088 list. (Note that this situation does not occur in any
1089 previous versions of Services.)
1090 2003/05/28 Reworded NickServ replies and documentation for the
1091 mail-auth module to replace "authorize" by the more
1092 accurate "authenticate".
1093 2003/05/28 .19 Fake hostnames are now handled correctly by the PTlink
1094 protocol module.
1095 2003/05/28 Services now checks in advance whether a protocol module
1096 has been loaded, and aborts with an error message if
1097 not. Suggested by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1098 2003/05/28 Updated FAQ C.1 and added FAQ C.1.5 regarding errors which
1099 can occur when saving the databases to disk.
1100 2003/05/28 The ExpireTimeout configuration directive has been
1101 deprecated, as it is no longer used. This directive
1102 will be removed entirely in the next version of Services.
1103 2003/05/28 Added documentation to section 6 of the manual on how to
1104 process messages received from the IRC network.
1105 2003/05/28 The program name used in the /VERSION reply ("ircservices")
1106 is now defined in version.sh for easier changing in
1107 derivative programs.
1108 2003/05/06 Clarified reasoning behind transfer-of-rights requirement
1109 for submission of code or other changes.
1110 2003/04/30 Fixed bug in OperServ JUPE command causing Services to be
1111 disconnected from the network when juping an existing
1112 server. Reported by George Stamatiou <master@xchat.gr>
1113 2003/04/30 Added CSRegisteredOnly configuration directive. Suggested
1114 by Stefan Hudson <hudson@mbay.net>
1115 2003/04/30 Fixed (lack of) interaction between NickServ autojoin and
1116 +i channels causing "cannot join channel" errors on
1117 IDENTIFY. Reported by Christopher Wilson <owner@candt.net>
1118 2003/04/28 .18 Fixed bug causing chunks of output to get lost in the middle
1119 of HTTP server responses. Reported by several people.
1120 2003/04/28 Fixed cosmetic bug in error message for colliding nicknames.
1121 2003/04/28 Fixed bug preventing forbidden nicknames from being imported.
1122 2003/04/28 Added a workaround to convert-db for an apparent bug in
1123 Auspice Services causing CR characters to appear in
1124 mode locks.
1125 2003/04/23 Fixed bug causing NickServ LIST to not return matches to
1126 Services admins for a pattern matching real hostnames
1127 but not fake ones. Reported by Craig Edwards
1128 <brain@winbot.co.uk>
1129 2003/04/22 Fixed bug processing %hd and missing my_snprintf() in
1130 vsnprintf.c.
1131 2003/04/20 .17 Fixed crash when using UNLINK FORCE with non-linked nicks.
1132 Reported by Matthew Hodgson <arathorn@theonering.net>
1133 2003/04/15 The configure script now uses "conf-tmp" instead of "tmp"
1134 as its temporary directory name, to avoid potential
1135 clashes with pre-existing directories.
1136 2003/04/12 Precompiled binaries should now work with Linux kernel 2.2.x.
1137 Reported by <jay@hyperion.sleepygeek.org>
1138 2003/04/10 .16 Fixed crash on some systems when giving only spaces to
1139 certain commands. Reported by Joao Luis Marques Pinto
1140 <Lamego@PTlink.net>
1141 2003/04/08 .15 Support for trircd 4.x removed, and for 5.1 added, on
1142 recommendation from Yusuf Iskenderoglu
1143 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1144 2003/03/06 Fixed typo in English language file. Reported by
1145 <monolith@orblivion.com>
1146 2003/03/04 .14 Fixed compilation error on some systems.
1147 2003/03/03 .13 Build number is no longer updated if no files have changed
1148 (this avoids "make ; make install" incrementing the value
1149 twice). Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1150 2003/03/03 Users are no longer collided if they have identified but
1151 need to set an E-mail address. Reported by Andrew Kempe.
1152 2003/03/03 Nicknames awaiting E-mail authorization now always use the
1153 regular 60-second timeout regardless of the KILL
1154 setting. Suggested by Andrew Kempe.
1155 2003/03/03 Added new section (3-1-2) on netsplit recovery to the manual.
1156 2003/03/03 Added workaround for broken browsers that don't handle
1157 backslashes properly. Reported by <thebeast@xs4all.nl>
1158 2003/02/26 Outgoing mail now includes a Date: header, to avoid some
1159 MTAs inserting a date of 1970/1/1. Reported by Mattias
1160 Karlsson <mattias.karlsson@nocom.se>
1161 2003/02/26 Added support for channel mode +M in Unreal (3.2 beta).
1162 2003/02/26 MemoServ SEND now requires identification for the nickname
1163 instead of just an access list match. Reported by
1164 Rafael Stuhr <rafaelstuhr@gmx.de>
1165 2003/02/25 .12 ChanServ no longer gives +o to random users in channels on
1166 startup. Reported by Matthew Hodgson
1167 <arathorn@theonering.net>
1168 2003/02/25 Core "channel create" callback modified for above fix to send
1169 the user's channel user modes to the called function.
1170 2003/02/25 NickServ now accepts a command-line option,
1171 "-clear-nick-email", to clear the E-mail addresses of
1172 all registered nicknames. Suggested by Marc-Andre A.
1173 Fuentes <nothing@psychopat.org>
1174 2003/02/25 The convert-db program now compiles correctly under Cygwin.
1175 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1176 2003/02/25 Pseudoclients are now properly introduced and removed when
1177 modules are loaded or unloaded at runtime. Reported by
1178 Georges Berscheid <georges@berscheid.lu>
1179 2003/02/24 Fixed CSSetChannelTimes under Bahamut. Reported by JT
1180 <jtraub+irc@dragoncat.net>
1181 2003/02/24 Fixed validity check on nickname language setting. Reported
1182 by George Stamatiou <webmaster@xchat.gr>
1183 2003/02/24 Fixed dangling data directory lock on uplink server death.
1184 Reported by Aragon Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
1185 2003/02/23 If an unsuspend grace period is set for nickname suspensions
1186 and the mail-auth module is in use, nicknames not yet
1187 authorized will have the delay before expiration of
1188 unauthorized nicks reset to the time of unsuspension.
1189 2003/02/23 Fixed problem in langcomp when .l files have CRs in them.
1190 2003/02/20 .11 Fixed 2002/10/24 compilation problem fix (modules/Makefile
1191 was missing the fix).
1192 2003/02/20 Fixed bugs in the trircd protocol module. Reported by
1193 Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1194 2003/02/19 .10 Fixed bug causing Services to terminate with a fatal error
1195 on receiving multiple KILL messages in quick succession.
1196 Reported by Andrew Kempe.
1197 2003/02/17 SMTP traffic is now logged at debug level 1 instead of level 2.
1198 2003/02/17 Added more debug log messages to the Unreal protocol module.
1199 2003/02/14 Fixed bug causing Services to hang if disconnected from the
1200 remote server. Reported by several people.
1201 2003/02/14 Added checks to avoid "sockprintf() with NULL socket" errors
1202 appearing in the logfile.
1203 2003/02/14 Fixed trivial bug in calculating socket read timeout.
1204 2003/02/01 .9 Fixed a bug leading to desynchs.
1205 2003/01/31 .8 Fixed a number of compilation warnings.
1206 2003/01/31 Fixed typo and thinko causing crashes on channel mode changes.
1207 2003/01/30 .7 Fixed crash when opening a corrupt StatServ database.
1208 Reported by Rob van Eijk <rob4@home.nl>
1209 2003/01/30 Added robustness in clearing mode +r from users after
1210 nickname changes.
1211 2003/01/30 Users now properly get mode +r upon successful AUTH after
1212 registering a nick. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1213 2003/01/23 SZlines are now properly added on startup when using
1214 Unreal. Reported by Aragon Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
1215 2003/01/23 Save database changes if the uplink server disconnects us.
1216 Reported by Aragon Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
1217 2003/01/22 OperServ KILLCLONES no longer adds a new autokill if an
1218 existing autokill matches the clones' user@host mask.
1219 Reported by Alexander Janssens <alex@cyga.net>
1220 2003/01/16 Bahamut protocol support cut off for version 1.4.34+ due to
1221 bugs in the Bahamut ircd.
1222 2003/01/07 Experimental PTlink IRC server support added.
1223 2003/01/06 Fixed bug causing -remote command-line option to not be
1224 recognized.
1225 2003/01/06 Fixed Unreal support (Unreal does not support dynamic
1226 autokill exceptions). Reported by <ron885@bloodheart.com>
1227 2003/01/06 The wallops warning for repeated bad passwords on a channel
1228 now includes the nickname of the user who sent the last
1229 bad password. Suggested by <cyberdems@wwirc.za.org>
1230 2003/01/02 Incorporated fixes for Chunky Monkey IRCD support from
1231 Chris Plant <chris@monkeyircd.org>
1232 2003/01/01 Fixed bug causing "AKILL has expired" messages to be sent
1233 multiple times. Reported by <prince@zirc.org>
1234 2002/12/13 Clarified that "transfer rights" in section 6-3 of the
1235 manual refers only to rights under copyright law.
1236 2002/12/03 Added documentation on mail modules to section 3 of the
1237 manual. Reported by Neal Kirby <Nealster02@hotmail.com>
1238 2002/11/25 .6 Fixed bug causing ChanServ commands to stop working on some
1239 channels. Reported by <MrBOFH@lomag.net> and others.
1240 2002/11/23 Added documentation on how to compile modules into Services
1241 (section 6-1-6).
1242 2002/11/21 .5 The XML import module no longer prints strange error
1243 messages for unknown command-line options.
1244 2002/11/21 NickServ ACCESS ADD now warns of inappropriate syntax for
1245 masks which contain "!". Suggested by Panagiotis
1246 Kefalidis <gizm0@ad2u.gr>
1247 2002/11/19 The configure script now correctly creates parent
1248 directories for the data directory if it does not exist.
1249 2002/11/19 Fixed configure check for socklen_t on FreeBSD. Repoted by
1250 Sean Kelly <smkelly@zombie.org>
1251 2002/11/18 .4 The Makefile now checks that the results of `configure' are
1252 up to date before compiling. This solves a compilation
1253 problem reported by several people in version 5.0.3.
1254 2002/11/16 .3 Fixed case-sensitivity bug with channel bans. Reported by
1255 Alexander Janssens <alex@cyga.net>
1256 2002/11/16 Fixed topic time setting on Unreal. Reported by
1257 <cyberdems@wwirc.za.org>
1258 2002/11/16 Added support for Intel's Linux/x86 compiler (icc) with
1259 optimization disabled. "./configure -cc icc" to use it.
1260 2002/11/16 Fixed missing list terminators in several modules
1261 potentially causing crashes on startup or rehash.
1262 2002/11/13 Fixed a bug causing the contents of the cache to not be
1263 properly read in when using bash 2.05b.
1264 2002/10/29 Fixed cosmetic bugs when using NickServ IDENTIFY and GETPASS
1265 with forbidden nicknames. Reported by <cc@omega.org.za>
1266 2002/10/25 Autokills, session exceptions, and S-lines are now checked
1267 for expiration at each database update. Reported by
1268 Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
1269 2002/10/24 Fixed compilation problem on Solaris reported by Geoff
1270 Byers <geoff@systemred.net>
1271 2002/10/24 Fixed string-constant-related warnings.
1272 2002/10/22 .2 Clarified bug-reporting instructions.
1273 2002/10/21 Fixed bug in recording channel topic setters in nick!user@host
1274 format. Reported by Marcin Wolniewicz <marcin@di.pl>
1275 2002/10/20 Fixed bug with ChanServ FORBID #. Reported by
1276 <toxic@linuxmail.gr>
1277 2002/10/18 .1 Fixed convert-db bugs with linked nicks (Auspice 2.7) and
1278 channel access lists (all programs). Reported by
1279 <irc@kgn.ru>
1280 2002/10/17 NickServ LINK and UNLINK are now disabled in read-only mode.
1281 Reported by Dennis Sela <Schutzgeist@uni.de>
1282 2002/10/11 Fixed several compiler warnings.
1283 2002/10/11 Cosmetic fixes to debug log messages.
1284 2002/10/10 Fixed bug causing ChanServ CLEAR BANS to only clear one ban
1285 at a time. Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
1286 2002/10/10 Corrected a cosmetic bug in configure script and a compiler
1287 error when compiling static modules, both on Solaris.
1288 Reported by <oleg_orlov@inbox.ru>
1289 2002/10/06 Disabled -dumpcore by default in the configure script (to
1290 match help text).
1291 2002/10/06 .0 Version 5.0.0 released.
1292 2002/10/02 p15 Removed AKILL option for OperServ STATS command.
1293 2002/10/02 Fixed bug in checking protocol features from core code.
1294 2002/09/30 ACC-CHANGE channel privilege is now checked properly.
1295 Reported by Dylan v.d Merwe <dylanvdm@icon.co.za>
1296 2002/09/29 Added support for Bolivia IRC Services (version 1.2.0)
1297 databases to convert-db. Suggested by Peter
1298 Samuelsson <psadi4@swipnet.se>
1299 2002/09/29 Sirv/Auspice database conversion now properly sets the
1300 SECURE option on imported channels.
1301 2002/09/25 p14 Fixed XML import bug causing channel access lists to get
1302 discarded.
1303 2002/09/25 Added workaround for GCC 3.x bug (GNATS PR#8028).
1304 2002/09/24 Fixed errors when channels expired during import.
1305 2002/09/23 Added SQlineKill configuration directive (operserv/sline).
1306 Suggested by John Edrington <john@cosmicfire.net>
1307 2002/09/23 p13 Fixed false out-of-memory error in socket handling code.
1308 Reported by <mazta@illlab.ee>
1309 2002/09/23 Unauthorized E-mail addresses can no longer be used in
1310 NickServ REGISTER or SET EMAIL commands for other
1311 nicknames, to prevent spamming of arbitrary addresses.
1312 2002/09/22 Fixed bugs in socket buffer memory tracking.
1313 2002/09/22 Added NetBufferLimit configuration directive and OperServ
1314 STATS NETWORK command.
1315 2002/09/18 French langauge file added, courtesy of Elijah
1316 <admin@nevernet.net> and Maxime <maxime_imbeau@hotmail.com>
1317 2002/09/15 -fno-strict-aliasing is now added to the compilation
1318 options for GCC to avoid overaggressive optimization.
1319 2002/09/15 configure can now be forced to use GCC 2.96, though this is
1320 still not supported. It will also now look for gcc3 as
1321 an alternative before giving up.
1322 2002/09/14 p12 "convert-db -h" now lists supported program types in
1323 alphabetical order.
1324 2002/09/14 Removed unneded ALL parameter from LISTLINKS in
1325 nickserv/oldlink module.
1326 2002/09/14 Fixed bug in NickServ ACCESS ADD. Reported by
1327 <Brain@chatspike.net>
1328 2002/09/04 Fixed bug in handling Auspice databases in convert-db, and
1329 added support for Auspice 2.7. Reported by <irc@kgn.ru>
1330 2002/09/04 convert-db now converts nickname notes in Auspice databases
1331 to memos.
1332 2002/09/01 Removed stray .o file left around in previous releases.
1333 2002/08/30 configure now detects GCC 2.96 and refuses to use it.
1334 2002/08/28 p11 Fixed bug in importing nickgroups with IDs >2147483647.
1335 Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1336 2002/08/27 Users can no longer LINK pseudoclient nicknames, for real
1337 this time. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1338 2002/08/26 p10 Fixed potential bugs when removing modules with REHASH.
1339 2002/08/26 Users can no longer LINK pseudoclient nicknames. Reported
1340 by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1341 2002/08/26 Reduced memory usage in number-list processing by 56k.
1342 Suggested by Bryce Simonds <kelmar@esper.net>
1343 2002/08/26 Services now handles TOPIC messages with nick!user@host
1344 properly. Reported by Carsten Munk <stskeeps@tspre.org>
1345 2002/08/25 Added Hungarian language file, courtesy of Janos Kapitany
1346 <kapitany.janos@gmail.com>
1347 2002/08/23 Fixed various bugs in help/error messages, and removed
1348 unused messages from language files.
1349 2002/08/23 Memos can no longer be sent while in read-only mode.
1350 2002/08/23 Fixed bug causing desyncs on Bahamut with CSSetChannelTime.
1351 Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1352 2002/08/22 Corrected errors in the language files. Helpful script
1353 provided by Jacek Margos <jacek.margos@freenet-ag.de>
1354 2002/08/15 Disallowed links to suspended nicknames in the
1355 nickserv/oldlink module. Suggested by Holger Baust
1356 <holger.baust@freenet.de>
1357 2002/08/15 pre9 Removed AUTODEOP and NOJOIN channel levels.
1358 2002/08/15 Fixed crash on OperServ SQLINE COUNT. Reported by
1359 <teoman@anet.net.tr>
1360 2002/08/15 Fixed cosmetic bug when changing the language for another
1361 nickname. Reported by <Coolkill121@aol.com>
1362 2002/08/15 Fixed a trivial cosmetic error in NickServ IDENTIFY.
1363 2002/08/14 A missing newline at the end of a configuration file no
1364 longer causes an error. Reported by Yaniv Gamzo
1365 <Yaniv@icq.com>
1366 2002/08/13 pre8 Finished HTML documentation.
1367 2002/08/13 Renamed httpd/redirect NickPrefix directive to NicknamePrefix.
1368 2002/08/12 Fixed bug causing autokill exclusions to not work on Unreal
1369 3.1. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1370 2002/08/11 Fixed crash on database update with forbidden nicknames.
1371 Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1372 2002/08/10 pre7 Brought the example HelpServ help text (data/helpfiles/help)
1373 slightly more up to date.
1374 2002/08/10 Added SQlineIgnoreOpers directive. Suggested by Ekim Engin
1375 <eengin@talesoft.de>
1376 2002/08/10 Fixed delay in expiring unauthorized nicknames with
1377 NSNoAuthExpire set. Reported by David Orman
1378 <monolith@orblivion.com>
1379 2002/08/09 Fixed crash on importing nicks with invalid nick groups.
1380 Reported by <saturn@jetirc.net>
1381 2002/08/09 Added DefTimeZone configuration directive. Suggested by
1382 George Stamatiou <master@xchat.gr>
1383 2002/08/09 Added workaround for double-mode (+oqoq, +kk) bug.
1384 2002/08/09 Added SETCMODE debug command to OperServ.
1385 2002/08/09 Updated trircd protocol module from suggestions by Yusuf
1386 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1387 2002/07/29 Halfops can now set -h and +/-v on themselves. Reported by
1388 Dennis Sela <Schutzgeist@uni.de>
1389 2002/07/28 pre6 Nicknames linked to the Services super-user nickname now
1390 get super-user privileges as well. Suggested by Shaun
1391 Guth <l8nite@l8nite.net>
1392 2002/07/28 Log messages are no longer output for SILENCE messages.
1393 Suggested by Marc-Andre A. Fuentes <nothing@psychopat.org>
1394 2002/07/28 Fixed junk data getting output in Sirv database conversion.
1395 2002/07/28 Fixed off-by-one bug in Epona support in convert-db.
1396 2002/07/28 Added support for Sirv 2.9.0 databases to convert-db.
1397 Suggested by Gorkem Ogut <gorkemogut@hotmail.com>
1398 2002/07/23 The # character can now be used inside quoted strings in
1399 configuration files.
1400 2002/07/22 Fixed crash when sending memos to offline users with
1401 MSNotifyAll disabled. Reported by <ran@fistuk.com>
1402 2002/07/20 Fixed bugs involving passwords with spaces in them.
1403 Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1404 2002/07/20 Databases are now properly written to disk after an import.
1405 2002/07/20 Fixed bug causing data importing to fail. Reported by
1406 Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1407 2002/07/18 GLINEs not set by Services are no longer cleared. (Unreal)
1408 2002/07/18 Fixed bug causing debugging to always get disabled on startup.
1409 2002/07/17 Corrected ChanServ AKICK documentation. Reported by Aragon
1410 Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
1411 2002/07/17 AJOIN and Unreal's MLOCK +L now check validity of channel
1412 name parameters. Reported by Aragon Gouveia
1413 <aragon@phat.za.net>
1414 2002/07/17 An error message is now sent if modes +b/+e are used with
1415 MLOCK. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1416 2002/06/24 pre5 Applied fix to format-string bug from version 4.5.41.
1417 2002/06/23 pre4 Fixed infinite loop on non-Unreal servers. Reported by
1418 George Stamatiou <master@xchat.gr>
1419 2002/06/21 pre3 Fixed bug preventing memo notification on IDENTIFY.
1420 Reported by <Ganja51@earthlink.net> and others.
1421 2002/06/21 Modified configure to work on OSF/1. Reported by Yusuf
1422 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1423 2002/06/19 Added support for autokill exceptions in Unreal. Suggested
1424 by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1425 2002/06/19 Fixed bug allowing unidentified users to use INFO ALL on
1426 the nickname they are using.
1427 2002/06/19 Unverified E-mail addresses are no longer shown except to
1428 the user and Services administrators, and are indicated
1429 unverified. Suggested by Ben Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1430 2002/06/19 Fixed two sneaky logic bugs causing crashes in rare cases.
1431 Reported by Sean Kelly <smkelly@slashnet.org>
1432 2002/06/19 Fixed a typo in ircservices-chk.
1433 2002/06/19 The initial access list entry for newly-registered nicks can
1434 now be disabled in modules.conf (NSFirstAccessEnable).
1435 Suggested by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1436 2002/06/19 Fixed bug causing SECUREOPS to not work on servers without
1437 halfops support. Reported by George Stamatiou
1438 <master@xchat.gr>
1439 2002/06/19 Added TMODE and +L (server language) support to trircd
1440 protocol module. Suggested by Yusuf Iskenderoglu
1441 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1442 2002/06/18 Fixed "invalid nickname" errors on valid nicknames for many
1443 IRC daemons. Reported by Romek Krisztian
1444 <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1445 2002/06/18 Fixed crash in NickServ SENDPASS and AJOIN on unregistered
1446 nicks. Reported by <RealCFC@chatfirst.com>
1447 2002/06/17 pre2 XML importing is now done via the -import command-line option.
1448 2002/06/16 Command-line options now take an "=" instead of a space
1449 between option name and value.
1450 2002/06/14 The NickServ LINK command no longer accepts invalid nicks.
1451 Reported by <terminator@koekjes.net>
1452 2002/06/13 Documentation fixed to conform to HTML 4.01 Transitional.
1453 2002/06/13 Added a HELP COMMANDS topic to StatServ to match the other
1454 pseudoclients' help systems.
1455 2002/06/11 Mode lock +L on Unreal now requires +l to be set as well,
1456 to match the IRC server's behavior. Reported by Aragon
1457 Gouveia <aragon@phat.za.net>
1458 2002/06/11 AJOIN now prevents "channel" names not beginning in "#"
1459 from being added. Reported by Aragon Gouveia
1460 <aragon@phat.za.net>
1461 2002/06/11 Fixed cosmetic bugs in some NickServ syntax error messages.
1462 2002/06/11 Fixed bugs reported by Romek Krisztian
1463 <r-krisztian@softhome.net>:
1464 - Extra spaces no longer cause problems with some commands.
1465 - Spaces can now be used in passwords.
1466 - Port numbers no longer cause URLs to be rejected.
1467 - NickServ SET TIMEZONE parameter is now checked more
1468 carefully.
1469 - NickServ/ChanServ LIST and NickServ LISTEMAIL now
1470 check for bad Services admin parameters.
1471 2002/06/09 In-use nicknames can no longer be linked. Suggested by
1472 Dennis Sela <Schutzgeist@uni.de>
1473 2002/06/08 Fixed improper expiration when -noexpire option given.
1474 2002/06/01 pre1 Fixed crash when using RunGroup configuration directive.
1475 Reported by Kieran <daffy@daffy.za.net>
1476 2002/06/01 NickServ SENDPASS can now be used on any nick, and no
1477 longer shows the E-mail address to avoid spam
1478 collection. Reported by Ben Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1479 2002/06/01 Fixed improper removal of SHUNs in Unreal.
1480 2002/06/01 Fixed cosmetic bug in NickServ SETAUTH. Reported by Ben
1481 Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1482 2002/05/30 Fixed bug in MemoServ SAVE causing crashes. Reported by
1483 <saturn@jetirc.net>
1484 2002/05/26 pre0 Fixed bugs in HTTP utility routines. Reported by Romek
1485 Krisztian <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1486 2002/05/24 a35 Fixed crash on use of unregistered nicks.
1487 2002/05/23 Fixed OperServ SU password not being saved. Reported by
1488 <brtb@unirc.net>
1489 2002/05/23 a34 Fixed crash caused by trying to use forbidden nicks.
1490 Reported by <brtb@unirc.net>
1491 2002/05/23 Fixed spurious log warnings on forbidding in-use nicknames.
1492 2002/05/22 Fixed bug allowing all users to use the ChanServ TOPIC
1493 command. Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1494 2002/05/17 Users are now no longer auto-joined to channels they are
1495 already in when identifying for their nick.
1496 2002/05/15 Fixed bugs in OperServ EXCEPTION MOVE.
1497 2002/05/15 Fixed bug causing NickServ LIST to not return any results.
1498 Reported by Romek Krisztian <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1499 2002/05/14 Services admins can now modify channel access lists without
1500 identifying for the channel. Suggested by Panagiotis
1501 Kefalidis <gizm0@ad2u.gr>
1502 2002/05/14 Rewrote database saving routines to avoid data loss.
1503 2002/05/14 a33 Log filename may now contain %y, %m, or %d (replaced by the
1504 current year, month, or day) for automatic log rotation.
1505 2002/05/14 Renamed default log, PID, and MOTD files to "ircservices.*"
1506 instead of "services.*".
1507 2002/05/13 Added crontab script (ircservices-chk) to restart Services
1508 as needed. Suggested by <manual3000@hotmail.com>
1509 2002/05/13 Added NickServ LISTEMAIL command. Suggested by Finny
1510 Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
1511 2002/05/13 Services admins can now exceed nickname and channel
1512 registration limits.
1513 2002/05/13 Added NSRegEmailMax configuration directive for limiting
1514 the number of nicknames registered per address.
1515 Suggested by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
1516 2002/05/13 Fixed a bug causing failed connections to not be detected
1517 when Services is not running in debug mode.
1518 2002/05/13 Failed connections are now logged normally instead of as
1519 debug messages.
1520 2002/05/13 Socket connections should now work properly on FreeBSD
1521 instead of failing most of the time. Reported by Ben
1522 Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1523 2002/05/13 SMTP mail module now checks for " in From: names to avoid
1524 malformed headers.
1525 2002/05/13 a32 ChanServ no longer removes chanops from IRC operators who
1526 give themselves or others +o via an ircd feature.
1527 Reported by Romek Krisztian <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1528 2002/05/13 Added StatServ support to httpd/dbaccess module.
1529 2002/05/12 Changed the default required access level for the ChanServ
1530 CLEAR command from founder-only to 100 (SOP).
1531 2002/05/12 The ChanServ LEVELS help no longer mentions the SOP/AOP/etc.
1532 commands if the access-xop module is not loaded.
1533 2002/05/12 Fixed a bug causing ChanServ LEVELS DESC help to be displayed
1534 for all LEVELS help queries _except_ LEVELS DESC.
1535 2002/05/10 Fixed failure to recognize protocol features when using
1536 static modules, and added extra checks to ensure
1537 variables are set up correctly.
1538 2002/05/09 Improved dynamic module usability check in configure script
1539 to handle OpenBSD correctly. Suggested by Chris Plant
1540 <chris@monkeyircd.org>
1541 2002/05/08 Changed init.c to avoid a compilation warning under GCC 3.
1542 Reported by Craig McLure <Craig@chatspike.net>
1543 2002/05/07 StatServ SERVERS DELETE and other root-only commands now
1544 say "permission denied" instead of "syntax error" when
1545 used by a non-root IRC operator.
1546 2002/05/07 Fixed cosmetic bug in AJOIN list-full error message.
1547 Reported by Romek Krisztian <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1548 2002/05/03 a31 Channel user modes are now rechecked when a user identifies
1549 for their nickname.
1550 2002/05/02 Added appropriate error messages for temporary sendmail()
1551 failures.
1552 2002/05/02 Fixed minor bug causing ChanServ to try to enter the same
1553 channel twice on autokicks.
1554 2002/05/01 Fixed a race condition allowing the first user on a channel
1555 to give themselves +v before Services deopped them.
1556 2002/05/01 Added httpd/top-page module.
1557 2002/05/01 Added Chunky Monkey IRCD protocol module (protocol/monkey),
1558 courtesy of Chris Plant <chris@monkeyircd.org>
1559 2002/05/01 Channel mode changes are now sent by the server rather than
1560 ChanServ for Bahamut, to avoid a problem with setting +r.
1561 2002/05/01 a30 Renamed nick-authorization checking macros (nickserv.h,
1562 nick_* -> user_*).
1563 2002/05/01 Unified %d/%u/%ld/%lu usage in *printf() calls.
1564 2002/04/30 Fixed spurious WALLOPS messages when server socket is closed.
1565 2002/04/30 Merged common code for akills/etc in httpd/dbaccess module.
1566 2002/04/30 Fixed incorrect nick-kill warning messages with forced nick
1567 changing. Reported by Panagiotis Kefalidis <gizm0@ad2u.gr>
1568 2002/04/24 Fixed failure to set user mode +a for Services admins on
1569 Bahamut and trircd. Reported by Panagiotis Kefalidis
1570 <gizm0@ad2u.gr>
1571 2002/04/24 Added back missing NetworkDomain directive to modules.conf.
1572 Reported by Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1573 2002/04/24 Removed EsperNet protocol module as development on that
1574 server has stopped.
1575 2002/04/24 Fixed bug causing crashes on NickServ SET with no parameters.
1576 Reported by Panagiotis Kefalidis <gizm0@ad2u.gr>
1577 2002/04/17 a29 Fixed a warning in modules/nickserv/main.c.
1578 2002/04/17 NickServ AUTH now keeps track of bad authorization codes,
1579 and kills users for multiple attempts as with passwords.
1580 2002/04/17 SQlines are now checked after nickname changes.
1581 2002/04/17 Fixed cosmetic bug with EXCEPTION LIST on an empty list.
1582 2002/04/17 Fixed security hole with guest nicks allowing users to
1583 evade Services' notice; the guest nick number is now
1584 re-randomized if the next nick to be assigned is in use.
1585 2002/04/17 Added autokill exclusion support to xml-import.
1586 2002/04/14 Fixed a cosmetic bug in the configure script.
1587 2002/04/12 Newly-registered nicks no longer have kill protection set
1588 when not authorized (when the mail-auth module is in
1589 use). Reported by Ben Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1590 2002/04/12 Fixed bug in NickServ AUTH replies.
1591 2002/04/12 Fixed improper warning when loading channel database.
1592 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1593 2002/04/10 Fixed bugs in trircd-services database conversion support.
1594 Reported by Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1595 2002/04/09 a28 Added support for autokill exclusions. Suggested by Yusuf
1596 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1597 2002/04/09 Fixed bug causing NickServ SET INFO to ignore all words
1598 given after the first one. Reported by Romek Krisztian
1599 <r-krisztian@softhome.net>
1600 2002/04/09 Fixed bug causing xml-import to ignore all channels.
1601 Reported by Adrian Cantrill
1602 <adrian.cantrill@dial.pipex.com>
1603 2002/04/08 Autokills are now sent after wallops when the
1604 ImmediatelySendAkill option is set.
1605 2002/04/08 Improved trircd IRC server support and trircd-services
1606 database conversion support, thanks to Yusuf
1607 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1608 2002/04/08 Reworked memo expiration logic as below.
1609 2002/04/05 a27 Reworked expiration logic to avoid long blocks checking for
1610 expired data and missed expirations.
1611 2002/04/05 Fixed improper aborts when reading in corrupted databases.
1612 2002/04/01 Fixed crash when certain commands did not receive enough
1613 parameters. Reported by several people.
1614 2002/03/30 a26 Fixed potential buffer overflow in HTTP daemon.
1615 2002/03/27 Fixed bug processing commands with extra spaces in them.
1616 2002/03/26 Fixed bug causing nickname password to be sent for ChanServ
1617 SENDPASS. Reported by George Stamatiou <master@xchat.gr>
1618 2002/03/26 Fixed compilation warnings in modules/chanserv/check.c.
1619 2002/03/26 Fixes and changes suggested by Mark Hetherington
1620 <mark@ctcp.net>:
1621 - Changed "akill" to "autokill" in configuration options.
1622 - Fixed bug allowing guest nicks to be registered/linked.
1623 2002/03/19 Fixed "ban not found" message when removing an autokick ban.
1624 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1625 2002/03/19 a25 Fixed a bug in socket write buffer handling causing data to
1626 be lost. Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1627 2002/03/14 Fixed a bug causing crashes with a corrupt database.
1628 2002/03/13 Fixes and changes suggested by Mark Hetherington
1629 <mark@ctcp.net>:
1630 - Fixed bug causing nick groups with ID 0 to be created.
1631 - Fixed cosmetic bug with NickServ UNLINK FORCE.
1632 - Fixed bug in bugfix for linking of guest nicks.
1633 - Added support for SVSMODE on Dreamforge/Bahamut/Unreal.
1634 2002/03/11 a24 Fixed bug in LINK allowing guest nicks to be registered.
1635 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1636 2002/03/01 Fixed crash with Unreal and +S clients. Reported by Mark
1637 Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1638 2002/02/28 Added AllowRaw configuration directive (disabled by default).
1639 2002/02/28 Optimized processing for MSNotifyAll with MemoServ SEND.
1640 2002/02/28 The main OperServ module can no longer be unloaded via the
1641 OperServ REHASH command (doing so would cause a crash).
1642 2002/02/28 Fixed a potential crash if databases got corrupted.
1643 2002/02/28 Fixed CSRestrictDelay option (finally!) to not give free
1644 rides to users who would be unprivileged anyway, and
1645 enabled it by default (with a timeout of 15 seconds).
1646 2002/02/28 a23 Added SETAUTH command to nickserv/mail-auth module.
1647 Suggested by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1648 2002/02/28 Fixed security hole allowing users to be considered
1649 "identified" for nicks with an authorization code set.
1650 2002/02/27 Added options to NickServ LIST and httpd/dbaccess to filter
1651 by and display nickname authorization codes. Suggested
1652 by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1653 2002/02/27 Added options to nickname/channel lists (httpd/dbaccess) to
1654 display only forbidden, suspended, or non-expiring items.
1655 2002/02/27 Added support for GET query strings in HTTP server.
1656 2002/02/26 Fixed bug resulting in "not identified" after nickname
1657 registration. Reported by Ben Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1658 2002/02/26 Prevent use of the NickServ UNLINK command on self.
1659 2002/02/26 Fixed bug causing autokick masks to get corrupted on add.
1660 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1661 2002/02/26 Fixed bug causing database load errors on certain types of
1662 bad data. Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1663 2002/02/22 a22 2002/2/22 22:22:22 commemorative release.
1664 2002/02/16 Fixed bug causing guested nicks to keep getting guested and
1665 noexpire/forbidden flags to disappear from nicks.
1666 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1667 2002/02/15 a21 Fixes and changes suggested by Mark Hetherington
1668 <mark@ctcp.net>:
1669 - The httpd/dbaccess module now displays suspension
1670 information for suspended nicks and channels.
1671 - NickServ HELP REGISTER now emphasizes that a _valid_
1672 E-mail address is required with mail-auth.
1673 - Clients with the Unreal +S (service pseudoclient)
1674 mode are no longer affected by channel settings.
1675 - Forbidden nicks can now be dropped with DROPNICK.
1676 2002/02/12 Added NSFirstAccessWild configuration directive.
1677 2002/02/12 Fixed bug loading databases with a "#" channel registered.
1678 2002/02/12 Fixed crash in ChanServ INFO for no-expire channels.
1679 Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1680 2002/02/11 Fixed bug in handling of failed socket connections.
1681 Reported by Ben Goldstein <beng@nc.rr.com>
1682 2002/02/09 Fixed help messages relating to channel access levels to
1683 reflect the updated levels. Reported by Martin Pels
1684 <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1685 2002/02/09 Added TOPIC access level for ChanServ TOPIC command.
1686 2002/02/09 Changed AUTODEOP and NOJOIN access levels to -1 and -100.
1687 2002/02/08 a20 Mode changes from a single event are now merged into a
1688 single mode message even if MergeChannelModes isn't set.
1689 2002/02/08 Made ChanServ STATUS command available to normal users.
1690 2002/02/08 Rescaled access levels to make better use of the available
1691 range (itself reduced to -999..999).
1692 2002/02/08 Fixed bug causing modes for one channel to get sent to a
1693 different one in certain cases.
1694 2002/02/08 EnableGetpass, NSEnableRegister, and CSEnableRegister
1695 options are now properly handled on reconfigure.
1696 2002/02/07 Marked the mail/sendmail module as DISCOURAGED in
1697 example-ircservices.conf.
1698 2002/02/07 Prevent registration of channel names not starting with "#"
1699 to avoid problems with ircds with other channel types.
1700 2002/02/07 Fixes and changes suggested by Mark Hetherington
1701 <mark@ctcp.net>:
1702 - GETPASS was not actually disabled if !EnableGetpass.
1703 - Cosmetic fix to ChanServ HELP COMMANDS for IRCops.
1704 - More robust checking on autokick masks.
1705 - The channel "#" can no longer be registered or forbidden.
1706 - Fixed crash on ChanServ AKICK from unregistered nick.
1707 - Services admins no longer duplicated in operator list.
1708 2002/02/06 Fixed crash in SENDPASS command. Reported by SiliconAI
1709 <siliconai@aus3d.net>
1710 2002/02/06 Fixed bug causing confirmation messages for MemoServ SEND to
1711 not be sent. Reported by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1712 2002/02/05 a19 Fixed corrupted messages after REHASH. Reported by Mark
1713 Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net> and others.
1714 2002/02/05 Added wallops on OperServ REHASH or SIGHUP. Suggested by
1715 Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1716 2002/02/05 Fixed unregistered nicks getting a STATUS of 1. Reported
1717 by Mark Hetherington <mark@ctcp.net>
1718 2002/02/05 Fixed crash with ChanServ SET RESTRICTED on new channels.
1719 Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1720 2002/02/04 Fixes and changes suggested by Mark Hetherington
1721 <mark@ctcp.net>:
1722 - LIST command no longer shown to non-opers if
1723 ListOpersOnly enabled.
1724 - GETPASS can now be disabled.
1725 - HELP messages on Unreal no longer cause errors.
1726 - Signals no longer cause select() messages in log.
1727 - Fixed bug causing oper.db to grow relentlessly.
1728 - Fixed bug in reading/writing exception.db.
1729 2002/02/03 Renamed ChanServ SET TOPIC command to TOPIC. Suggested by
1730 Jollino <jollino@sogno.net>
1731 2002/02/03 Fixed bug causing autovoice to break on servers without
1732 halfops. Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1733 2002/02/03 Updated numerous help messages.
1734 2002/02/03 a18 Fixed bug causing channel levels to get reset on a LEVELS
1735 DISABLE. Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1736 2002/02/02 Fixed bug where founder-only channel levels would show up
1737 as "10000" in ChanServ LEVELS LIST.
1738 2002/02/02 Added command reference and configuration file documentation.
1739 2002/02/02 Fixed typos/formatting in language files (no content changes).
1740 2002/02/01 Fixed bugs in news module causing ADD to use bad item
1741 numbers and DEL to not work at all. Reported by Kevin
1742 <Kevc@gmx.co.uk>
1743 2002/02/01 Fixed minor typos reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1744 2002/01/29 Fixed bug causing access levels for ChanServ commands to be
1745 incorrectly checked. Reported by Todd Punderson
1746 <todd@doonga.net>
1747 2002/01/29 Added URL and E-mail fields to httpd/dbaccess channel
1748 information display.
1749 2002/01/29 Fixed cosmetic bugs in NickServ DROPNICK output and
1750 httpd/dbaccess nickname information display. Reported
1751 by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1752 2002/01/28 Fixed crash in nickserv/oldlink LISTLINKS command.
1753 2002/01/28 a17 Fixed BUG message occurring when a nick with registered
1754 channels was dropped. Reported by Martin Pels
1755 <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1756 2002/01/28 Fixed potential crash when dropping in-use channels.
1757 2002/01/28 Fixed crash when expiring nicks with registered channels.
1758 Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1759 2002/01/28 Fixed bug causing oper help for NickServ SET to not be
1760 shown. Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1761 2002/01/28 Fixed bug in MemoServ SET LIMIT where DEFAULT was
1762 interpreted as 0 and anything else as DEFAULT.
1763 Reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1764 2002/01/28 Removed IrcIIHelp pseudoclient and ircII help files.
1765 2002/01/24 Fixed bug in configure that caused the data directory to be
1766 asked for on the first run even if -defaults was given.
1767 2002/01/24 Added the OperServ SERVERMAP command.
1768 2002/01/24 a16 MemoServ no longer requires ChanServ to load.
1769 2002/01/24 Sessions module (operserv/sessions) no longer requires
1770 autokill module in order to load.
1771 2002/01/24 Got OperServ LISTSERVERS debug command working.
1772 2002/01/24 Fixed bug causing time of maximum user count to be set to
1773 maximum user count.
1774 2002/01/24 Fixed a cosmetic bug in OperServ STATS uptime display.
1775 2002/01/24 Fixed up OperServ STATS ALL processing.
1776 2002/01/24 Channel last-used time properly set again on auto-op.
1777 2002/01/23 Fixed several bugs in channel auto-mode handling.
1778 2002/01/23 Fixed GLINE (autokill) handling on ircu 2.9.32.
1779 2002/01/23 Main nick now indicated by "*" in NickServ LISTLINKS.
1780 2002/01/23 NickServ UNLINK now sets main nick to current nick when
1781 unlinking main nick.
1782 2002/01/23 Fixed bug causing main nick to change on UNLINK.
1783 2002/01/23 Fixed memory leak with -log command-line option.
1784 2002/01/23 Fixed handling of overlong mode parameters in set_cmode().
1785 2002/01/22 Made pack_ip() syntax check more robust.
1786 2002/01/22 username@[IP-address] E-mail addresses are now permitted.
1787 2002/01/22 Added checks on configuration parameter values for systems
1788 with a 64-bit `long' type.
1789 2002/01/22 Users who get changed to guest nicks will no longer be
1790 affected by SQlines on guest nicks.
1791 2002/01/22 If a client matches an SQline (and no SGline or SZline) and
1792 the IRC server supports forced nick changes, the client
1793 will be sent a 432 (invalid nickname) reply and have
1794 its nick changed instead of being killed.
1795 2002/01/22 A 433 (nick in use) reply is no longer sent as soon as a
1796 client connects with a registered nickname.
1797 2002/01/21 a15 Added preliminary Win32 support via Cygnus. Assistance
1798 from Andre Arruda <unblessed@ircd.com.br>
1799 2002/01/21 Changed hostmask creation code to only mask off the last
1800 part of an IP address, even for (former) class A/B
1801 addresses. Suggested by Sly.
1802 2002/01/21 Fixed bug parsing incomplete user@host masks. Reported by Sly.
1803 2002/01/21 convert-db is now installed in data directory by make install.
1804 2002/01/21 Renamed executable file from "services" to "ircservices",
1805 and main configuration file to "ircservices.conf".
1806 2002/01/21 "make spotless" target may now also be called as "distclean".
1807 2002/01/21 Fixed cosmetic bug in "configuration file not found" error.
1808 2002/01/21 Removed dependency on Perl for static compilation.
1809 2002/01/20 Fixed bug in usage of `tar' program.
1810 2002/01/19 Added NOQUIT support to trircd protocol module. Suggested
1811 by Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1812 2002/01/19 Renamed import-db to convert-db.
1813 2002/01/18 Made PTlink database importing more robust.
1814 2002/01/18 Fixed bug causing import-db to fail with trircd databases.
1815 Reported by Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1816 2002/01/18 a14 Fixed lots of errors in import-db.
1817 2002/01/17 Added trircd handler to import-db.
1818 2002/01/17 import-db no longer imports channel access levels (LEVELS
1819 command settings); all channels are reset to default.
1820 2002/01/16 Changed default access level for ACC-CHANGE to 4 to match
1821 behavior for *OP (HOP users allowed to add VOPs).
1822 2002/01/16 Removed unneeded code in ChanServ do_opvoice().
1823 2002/01/16 Added ChanServ KICK command. Suggested by Yusuf
1824 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1825 2002/01/16 ChanServ REGISTER now requires identification, not just
1826 recognition, for the registering user's nick.
1827 Suggested by Hans v Steenbergen <thebeast@xs4all.nl>
1828 2002/01/16 Fixed bug causing module symbols to not resolve under FreeBSD.
1829 Reported by Todd Punderson <todd@doonga.net>
1830 2002/01/15 Added quote parsing to allow SGLINEs with spaces in them.
1831 Reported by Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1832 2002/01/14 a13 The Services stamp of the last user to identify for a nick
1833 is now stored in the permanent database; new user
1834 handling modified to distinguish between users with and
1835 without Services stamps on supported IRC servers.
1836 Suggested by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
1837 2002/01/14 Fixed bug causing crashes when saving databases with expired
1838 nicknames. Reported by Todd Punderson <todd@doonga.net>
1839 2002/01/14 a12 Services will now try to remove or raise the core dump size
1840 limit when configured with -dumpcore.
1841 2002/01/14 Fixed bug causing -log command-line option to not work.
1842 2002/01/14 Moved LogMaxUsers, WallGetpass, and WallSetpass to
1843 services.conf (where they belong).
1844 2002/01/14 Made OperServ RESTART work correctly again.
1845 2002/01/14 Fixed crash on REHASH when StatServ is in use. Reported by
1846 Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1847 2002/01/14 Fixed broken-connection log message to be slightly more useful.
1848 2002/01/14 Fixed crash on remote SQUIT. Reported by Martin Pels
1849 <martinpels@hotmail.com>
1850 2002/01/13 Ignored data elements no longer cause XML importing to
1851 abort immediately.
1852 2002/01/13 Fixed bug in XML import causing crashes when called twice.
1853 2002/01/13 Removed trailing null bytes from passwords in XML export.
1854 2002/01/13 Fixed bug in XML export causing crashes when OperServ SU
1855 password is not set.
1856 2002/01/13 Rewrote import-db for 5.0; new database is now output as XML.
1857 2002/01/11 Mode locks are now saved as character strings in XML export.
1858 2002/01/08 a11 Added XML import module (xml-import) and dbaccess link.
1859 2002/01/07 Added automatic parsing of form variables to HTTP server.
1860 2002/01/06 Fixed memory leak (forgetting to free nickgroup ignore list).
1861 2002/01/04 Fixed MemoServ bugs occurring with default memo limits.
1862 2002/01/03 Removed duplicate "flags" line in NickGroupInfo XML output.
1863 2002/01/02 Modified XML export format to make it easier to parse.
1864 2002/01/01 Added AJOIN command to NickServ HELP COMMANDS. Reported by
1865 Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1866 2002/01/01 Fixed bugs with MemoServ SET FORWARD and memo forwarding.
1867 Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1868 2001/12/26 a10 Fixed bug causing strange channel user modes to be auto-set.
1869 Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1870 2001/12/26 Added access levels link to ChanServ information page
1871 (httpd/dbaccess). Suggested by Russ Garrett
1872 <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1873 2001/12/26 Fixed bug in auth-password module causing Protect lines to be
1874 ignored. Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1875 2001/12/26 Fixed bug in news database writing causing corruption.
1876 2001/12/26 Fixed missing slash on closing <nickinfo> tag in XML export
1877 module. Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1878 2001/12/26 Fixed callback ordering bug causing S-line kills to leave
1879 "ghost" users in the session count. Reported by
1880 <ron885@linuxfreemail.com>
1881 2001/12/26 Fixed off-by-one bug causing corrupted output in XML export
1882 module. Reported by Russ Garrett <russ@garrett.co.uk>
1883 2001/12/25 a9 Rewrote move_exception() for modules.
1884 2001/12/24 Fixed off-by-one error in OperServ EXCEPTION MOVE.
1885 Reported by <v13@priest.com>
1886 2001/12/22 Fixed crash using LEVELS SET on a newly-registered channel.
1887 Reported by <v13@priest.com>
1888 2001/12/22 configure script now checks for presence of hstrerror().
1889 Reported by Michael Trebilcock <trebs@ihug.com.au>
1890 2001/12/22 Added news display to httpd/dbaccess module.
1891 2001/12/21 Protocol modules now clean up after themselves on exit.
1892 2001/12/21 Added support for tokens with Unreal. Suggested by Yusuf
1893 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1894 2001/12/21 ChanServ OP/VOICE/etc. no longer set redundant modes.
1895 Suggested by <fabulous@t7ds.com.br>
1896 2001/12/20 Fixed various bugs with clearing channel modes.
1897 2001/12/20 Added support for Unreal UMODE2 message. Suggested by
1898 codemastr <codemstr@ptd.net>
1899 2001/12/20 a8 SIGHUP now re-reads the configuration files instead of
1900 restarting.
1901 2001/12/20 SIGUSR2 no longer opens log file if it was closed before.
1902 2001/12/20 Added reconfiguration support for modules.
1903 2001/12/20 Renamed AkillReason config directive to AutokillReason.
1904 2001/12/19 Fixed crash when unloading modules on exit.
1905 2001/12/17 Fixed infinite loop on signal. Reported by Georges
1906 Berscheid <Georges@Berscheid.lu>
1907 2001/12/14 Fixed various problems caused by signal timing.
1908 2001/12/14 Fixed compile error on FreeBSD. Reported by Ben Goldstein
1909 <beng@nc.rr.com>
1910 2001/12/13 a7 Added ability to re-read configuration files.
1911 2001/12/13 Fixed infinite loop in channel mode checking.
1912 2001/12/13 Fixed bug in mode merging where mode letters and parameters
1913 got out of sync with large number of modes at once.
1914 2001/12/13 Cleaned up configuration file handling.
1915 2001/12/11 Converted module documentation to HTML.
1916 2001/12/09 Converted FAQ to HTML.
1917 2001/12/07 Added xml-export module.
1918 2001/12/05 Added "list is empty" replies for NickServ ACCESS LIST.
1919 2001/12/05 Fixed error messages for forbidden nicks when used with
1920 NS AJOIN LIST <nick> or MS IGNORE LIST <nick>.
1921 2001/12/04 Fixed CSEnableRegister directive not being recognized.
1922 2001/12/04 a6 Added ChanServ SET HIDE. Patch provided by Yusuf
1923 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1924 2001/12/04 Added NickServ autojoin module, provided by Yusuf
1925 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1926 2001/12/04 Added MemoServ IGNORE module, provided by Yusuf
1927 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1928 2001/12/04 Fixed bug in httpd/auth-password module causing crashes on
1929 malformed HTTP requests.
1930 2001/12/01 Added locking for data directory.
1931 2001/12/01 Changed XYZFile configuration directives to XYZFilename.
1932 2001/12/01 Renamed KillClonesAkillExpire directive (operserv/main) to
1933 KillClonesAkill and made it optional.
1934 2001/12/01 Merged SessionLimitAkill and SessionLimitAkillReason
1935 configuration directives (operserv/sessions).
1936 2001/11/26 Added NOQUIT support (for Bahamut/Unreal), based on code
1937 from Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1938 2001/11/26 Fixed bug allowing old (incompatible) modules to be loaded.
1939 2001/11/26 Fixed stupid bugs in httpd/auth-password and operserv/news
1940 modules. Reported by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
1941 2001/11/26 Fixed bug in configure causing -dumpcore etc. to not work.
1942 2001/11/25 a5 Nick and channel expire times may now be set < 1 day.
1943 2001/11/25 Fixed misleading note about autokill reasons "not being
1944 displayed to the user" in OperServ AKILL help text.
1945 Reported by Elijah <nevernet@cfl.rr.com>
1946 2001/11/25 Removed BadPassSuspend configuration directive.
1947 2001/11/25 A warning is now sent when a user will be disconnected
1948 after one more bad password.
1949 2001/11/25 +a is no longer set for Services admins when they are not
1950 opered. Suggested by Yusuf Iskenderoglu
1951 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1952 2001/11/25 config.h and Makefile.inc are no longer modified if their
1953 contents are unchanged, to avoid unneeded recompilation.
1954 2001/11/25 Added -defaults, -bindest, -datdest options to configure.
1955 2001/11/25 Moved CDEFS compilation options from Makefile to configure.
1956 2001/11/25 Added memo expiration capability. Suggested by Mauritz
1957 Antunes <mauritz@americasnet.com.br>
1958 2001/11/25 Fixed socket buffering bug causing all sorts of weirdness.
1959 2001/11/25 Version information moved to version.c (instead of .h).
1960 2001/11/25 Fixed infinite loop bug in ChanServ SET MLOCK.
1961 2001/11/25 Added support for Unreal +f/+L channel modes.
1962 2001/11/24 Fixed bug in Japanese EUC->SJIS code conversion.
1963 2001/11/24 Initial access mask is no longer displayed in NickServ
1964 REGISTER response when access masks are in use.
1965 2001/11/24 Nickname parameter for ChanServ OP/VOICE/etc. now defaults
1966 to the user sending the command if not given.
1967 2001/11/24 Fix really stupid bug making everyone always identified
1968 for their nick.
1969 2001/11/24 The build number in version.h is now updated every build
1970 instead of just when a main source file changes.
1971 2001/11/24 Added httpd/dbaccess module and removed obsolete
1972 listnicks/listchans handling.
1973 2001/11/24 Added httpd/auth-ip module.
1974 2001/11/24 Added SET TIMEZONE to NickServ.
1975 2001/11/24 Fixed stray s_NickServs in ChanServ HELP responses.
1976 2001/11/24 Autokick set and last-used times are now recorded.
1977 2001/11/24 Added NSEnableRegister and CSEnableRegister directives.
1978 2001/11/23 a4 Added support for differing channel owner modes (+q in
1979 Unreal, +u in trircd).
1980 2001/11/23 Added httpd/auth-password module.
1981 2001/11/23 Properly abort loading if protocol_nickmax+1 > NICKMAX.
1982 2001/11/23 Added trircd4 protocol module, courtesy of Yusuf
1983 Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
1984 2001/11/23 SENDPASS modules now properly check for trapdoor encryption.
1985 2001/11/22 Added SMTP mail sending module.
1986 2001/11/22 Added MemoServ FORWARD module.
1987 2001/11/21 Fixed bug with SENDAUTH command response. Reported by
1988 Andrew Kempe.
1989 2001/11/21 Fixed crash when an unregistered nick enters a channel.
1990 2001/11/21 Added OperMaxExpiry directive to autokill module.
1991 Suggested by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
1992 2001/11/19 a3 Moved `authstat' field from NickGroupInfo to NickInfo (to
1993 stop people from stealing privs off an identified nick).
1994 2001/11/19 Fixed bug in alpha 2 preventing compilation.
1995 2001/11/17 a2 Fixed bug preventing unregistered nicks from getting
1996 channel founder privileges with IDENTIFY.
1997 2001/11/17 Reverse mode changes by users who will be deopped after
1998 channel mode merging (prevents stealing +v with server
1999 ops). Reported by Ali Sor <alisor@softhome.net>
2000 2001/11/17 Fixed infinite loop (stack overflow) bug with MLOCK -k.
2001 2001/11/14 Fixed bug in data/Makefile causing make install to crash.
2002 Last 2 reported by Martin Pels <martinpels@hotmail.com>
2003 2001/11/14 Fixed nick getting linked to itself by NickServ LINK.
2004 Reported by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2005 2001/11/14 Fixed bugs loading linked and forbidden nicks.
2006 2001/11/14 Backup database files are no longer overwritten on update.
2007 2001/11/12 OperServ SU can now be used by any IRC operator if NickServ
2008 is not loaded.
2009 2001/11/11 Fixed bug causing NickServ submodules to not release main
2010 NickServ module on exit.
2011 2001/11/11 Added more error checking to [un]use_module().
2012 2001/11/11 Fixed failure to unload some modules.
2013 2001/11/11 Fixed bug recording real name for NickServ INFO command.
2014 Last 2 reported by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2015 2001/11/10 a1 Moved README and README-5.0 content to docs/ directory (new
2016 HTML manual, incomplete).
2017 2001/11/08 Several outdated command-line options removed.
2018 2001/11/08 Select new data directory when executable directory is
2019 changed in configure.
2020 2001/11/08 Fixed potential invalid pointer bug with unloading modules.
2021 2001/11/08 Unload modules on exit. Fixes RESTART bug reported by
2022 Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2023 2001/11/07 Added database module support for StatServ.
2024 2001/11/07 Eliminated warnings from malloc(0) and calloc(0).
2025 2001/11/07 Added support for SQLINE on Unreal servers.
2026 2001/11/07 Fixed bug loading nicknames registered in version 5.0 (as
2027 opposed to imported).
2028 2001/11/07 Fixed crash when using HELP command with no parameters.
2029 2001/11/07 Fixed failure to start up when databases did not exist.
2030 Last 3 reported by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2031 2001/11/07 Fixed compilation problem on FreeBSD. Reported by Andrew
2032 Kempe.
2033 2001/11/07 Changed configure's default data directory selection to be
2034 slightly more intelligent, and fixed a bug with spaces
2035 in target directory names.
2036 2001/11/05 a0 Redesigned channel access level system.
2037 2001/11/05 Added EsperNet protocol module, courtesy of Bryce Simonds
2038 <kelmar@esper.net>
2039 2001/11/04 Added HTTP nick/channel redirect module (httpd/redirect).
2040 2001/11/04 Added SENDPASS modules for NickServ and ChanServ.
2041 2001/11/03 Added HTTP server module (httpd/main).
2042 2001/11/02 Added checks for pathologically long configuration files.
2043 2001/11/02 SZLINE-equivalent support added for Unreal protocol.
2044 2001/11/02 Autokills and S-lines are now sent on startup if the
2045 relevant ImmediatelySend... option (modules.conf) is set.
2046 2001/11/01 NickServ/ChanServ no longer allow suspended nicks/channels
2047 to be dropped (which would cancel the suspension).
2048 Reported by Michael Haisley <eternal@unrealircd.org>
2049 2001/11/01 NickServ DROP now drops all linked nicks at once; DROPNICK
2050 command added for Services admins to drop other nicks.
2051 DROP now requires a password to avoid accidents.
2052 2001/10/31 NickServ now records nicks which a user has identified for
2053 as long as the user remains online (and not split).
2054 2001/10/31 OperServ now writes a log message whenever a non-oper sends
2055 a command to it.
2056 2001/10/31 Added NickServ SET MAINNICK command.
2057 2001/10/29 Added DEFAULT option to MemoServ SET LIMIT (admin version).
2058 2001/10/29 Completed initial version of new nick link system.
2059 2001/10/28 OperServ RAW is now limited to the Services super-user.
2060 2001/10/01 The default options for new channels can now be set in the
2061 configuration file (CSDef...).
2062 2001/10/01 Make sure server names to JUPE are valid (contain a period).
2063 2001/10/01 OperServ no longer allows the same server to be juped twice.
2064 2001/10/01 Fixed "no such server" error when SQUITting a juped server.
2065 Reported by codemastr <codemstr@ptd.net>
2066 2001/09/30 user@host of command sender is now logged as well as nick
2067 for FORBID/SUSPEND of both nicks and channels.
2068 2001/09/30 Added CSSetChannelTime configuration directive. Suggested
2069 by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2070 2001/09/30 NS/CS SET PASSWORD now obeys ShowPassword config setting.
2071 2001/09/30 Added ability to compile modules statically; configure will
2072 select static/shared depending on the system.
2073 2001/09/29 Added support for S-lines (SGLINE/SQLINE/SZLINE).
2074 2001/09/29 Renamed "StaticAkillReason" configuration directive
2075 (operserv/akill module) to "AkillReason"; the reason
2076 in the autokill can be inserted with "%s".
2077 2001/09/28 Added support for nickname IP address when using Bahamut.
2078 Suggested by Yusuf Iskenderoglu
2079 <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
2080 2001/09/28 KILLCLONES no longer says "AKILL added" when the autokill
2081 module is not in use.
2082 2001/08/22 Added SetServerTimes configuration option for Unreal.
2083 Suggested by Finny Merrill <griever@t2n.org>
2084 2001/08/10 Nickname passwords, URLs, and E-mail addresses are now
2085 shared among all linked nicks in a group.
2086 2001/08/10 Services root privilege obtained with SU now remains
2087 effective as long as the user is connected.
2088 2001/08/06 Added NickServ AUTH module to allow for verification of
2089 E-mail addresses.
2090 2001/08/06 NickServ REGISTER no longer displays the user@host mask in
2091 its response if access lists are not in use.
2092 2001/08/06 NickServ RECOVER/RELEASE/GHOST no longer check the access
2093 list for the target nickname; the correct password must
2094 be given in order to use the command.
2095 2001/08/06 Made nickname access list support optional and moved it to
2096 a separate module.
2097 2001/08/03 Added initial mail-sending support.
2098 2001/07/06 Modified configure to accept GNU-style "--option[=value]"
2099 options.
2100 2001/07/06 Moved DUMPCORE option from configure script to Makefile.
2101 2001/07/06 Added "-prefix" option to configure script.
2102 2001/07/06 Moved Services log filename from config.h to services.conf.
2103 2001/07/06 Moved group to run as and file umask from configure script
2104 to services.conf.
2105 2001/07/05 Configure script now derives default data directory from
2106 program directory path.
2107 2001/07/05 Modularized encryption code.
2108 2001/07/05 Added rule to lang/Makefile to create `index' from en_us.l.
2109 2001/06/28 Removed workaround for broken encrypted passwords.
2110 2001/06/28 Moved network domain name setting from configure script to
2111 module configuration file.
2112 2001/06/18 NSDefNone configuration directive removed (the default is
2113 now no options set).
2114 2001/06/13 OperServ *NEWS LIST now lists in newest-first order.
2115 2001/06/13 The last time of use is now recorded for each autokill and
2116 can be seen with the AKILL VIEW command.
2117 2001/06/10 Changes to channel successors are now logged.
2118 2001/06/10 Removed registered nick matching from autokicks.
2119 2001/06/09 Last seen user@host is now shown to nick owner and Services
2120 admins in NickServ INFO even if ALL is not given.
2121 2001/06/09 Newly registered nicks now use a "use default language"
2122 setting which obeys changes in DEF_LANGUAGE. Suggested
2123 by Jacek Margos <jacek.margos@freenet-ag.de>
2124 2001/06/09 Completed redesign of nick linking system.
2125 2001/06/08 ChanServ INFO ALL will now show the last topic and setter
2126 regardless of channel modes.
2127 2001/06/08 Don't show nick E-mail addresses in ChanServ INFO or
2129 2001/05/23 Don't allow servadmin ACCESS LIST on forbidden nicks.
2130 2001/05/21 Last seen time is now set when changing nicks.
2131 2001/04/24 Initial Guest nick number (for NSForceNickChange) now random.
2132 2001/04/24 Fixed potential bugs in JOIN/PART handling and +v checks.
2133 2001/04/23 langcomp now removes output file on errors.
2134 2001/03/21 Only set umode +a on identify if the user is opered.
2135 2001/03/18 Services admin/etc. help messages are now visible to all
2136 (and only) IRCops.
2137 2001/03/18 Removed old clone checking code (CheckClones).
2138 2001/03/18 Fixed bug setting NSEnforcerUser when it contains an "@".
2139 2001/03/11 Added support for configuration directives for modules.
2140 2001/03/11 Fixed buggy /whois replies.
2141 2001/03/10 Initial module support completed. Idea initially suggested
2142 by <dnar@terrax.net>
2143 2001/03/10 Code base split off from version 4.5.8.
2145 *** Change log for version 4.5 and earlier versions is in Changes.old ***

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