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revision 9634 by michael, Sun Sep 6 06:33:46 2020 UTC revision 9635 by michael, Sat Sep 19 11:45:43 2020 UTC
# Line 371  conf_check_client(struct Client *client) Line 371  conf_check_client(struct Client *client)
371        break;        break;
373      case NOT_AUTHORIZED:      case NOT_AUTHORIZED:
       /* jdc - lists server name & port connections are on */  
       /*       a purely cosmetical change */  
374        sendto_realops_flags(UMODE_UNAUTH, L_ALL, SEND_NOTICE,        sendto_realops_flags(UMODE_UNAUTH, L_ALL, SEND_NOTICE,
375                             "Unauthorized client connection from %s on [%s/%u].",                             "Unauthorized client connection from %s.",
376                             client_get_name(client, SHOW_IP),                             client_get_name(client, SHOW_IP));
377                             client->connection->listener->name,        ilog(LOG_TYPE_IRCD, "Unauthorized client connection from %s.",
378                             client->connection->listener->port);             client_get_name(client, SHOW_IP));
       ilog(LOG_TYPE_IRCD, "Unauthorized client connection from %s on [%s/%u].",  
            client_get_name(client, SHOW_IP),  
379        ++ServerStats.is_ref;        ++ServerStats.is_ref;
380        exit_client(client, "You are not authorized to use this server");        exit_client(client, "You are not authorized to use this server");
381        break;        break;

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