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Fri Nov 23 21:00:02 2012 UTC (7 years, 7 months ago) by michael
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- Minor cleanups to m_help.c, also helpfiles may no longer contain #comments

1 KLINE [time] <nick|user@host> :[reason]
3 [time] if present, gives number of minutes for KLINE
5 Adds a KLINE which will ban the specified user from
6 using that server. The banned client will receive a
7 message saying he/she is banned with reason [reason]
9 KLINE user@ip.ip.ip.ip :[reason]
10 will kline the user at the unresolved ip.
11 ip.ip.ip.ip can be in CIDR form i.e.
12 or 192.168.0.* (which is converted to CIDR form internally)
14 For a temporary KLINE, length of kline is given in
15 minutes as the first parameter [time] i.e.
16 KLINE 10 <nick|user@host> :cool off for 10 minutes
18 KLINE <user@host> ON irc.server :[reason]
19 will kline the user on irc.server if irc.server accepts
20 remote klines.
22 - Requires Oper Priv: K


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