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Sun Mar 31 14:37:29 2013 UTC (7 years, 4 months ago) by michael
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- Update NEWS

1 michael 1731 -- ircd-hybrid-8.1.0beta1 Release Notes
2     o) Improved WEBIRC authentication; added 'webirc' to auth::flags.
3     A "webirc." spoof is now no longer required
4     o) Implemented new memory pool allocator which basically is taken from Tor's
5     mempool allocator for Tor cells
6     o) Major code cleanups
7     o) Implemented new binary database storage for X-,D-,K-,G-Lines and RESVs
8     Temporary bans are now stored as well and will persist after a reboot
10 michael 1797 -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.7 Release Notes
11     o) Added SVSHOST command handler which allows services to change the
12     hostname of a specific user
13 michael 1731
14 michael 1797
15     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.6 Release Notes
16     o) Fix bug where idle time sometimes is 0 even if the client didn't
17     send any private message
18     o) Fixed possible core in try_parse_v4_netmask()
21     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.5 Release Notes
22     ########################################################################
23     o) IMPORTANT: nick and topic lengths are now configurable via ircd.conf.
24     A max_nick_length, as well as a max_topic_length configuration option
25     can now be found in the serverinfo{} block
26     ########################################################################
27     o) Fixed build on GNU/Hurd as reported by Dominic Hargreaves
28     o) Fixed log files not getting reopened after /rehash
29     o) Improved logging of configuration file issues
30     o) ircd.pid has been accidentally saved in /var instead of /var/run
31     o) Linux RT signal support for notification of socket events has been dropped
32     o) Fixed "STATS Y|y" sometimes sending weird sendq/recvq values
33     o) INFO now also shows configured values of 'disable_fake_channels',
34     and 'stats_e_disabled'
35     o) m_webirc.c is now officially supported, and has been moved from contrib/
36     to modules/
37     o) /whois, /stats p, and /trace may now show fake idle times depending on
38     how the new class::min_idle and class::max_idle configuration directives
39     have been configured. This feature basically works in the same
40     way as it does in csircd
41     o) The configuration parser now does support 'year' and 'month' units
44 michael 1731 -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.4 Release Notes
45     o) Fixed possible core on USERHOST/ISON with optimization enabled
46     o) Fixed bug where can_flood sometimes didn't work as expected
49     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.3 Release Notes
50     o) Fixed core on UNDLINE
51     o) XLINE/KLINE/RESV/DLINE/SQUIT and KILL now have the same default reason
52     if a reason hasn't been specified
55     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.2 Release Notes
56     o) Minor updates to the build system
57     o) Fixed broken --enable-assert configure switch
58     o) Fixed bug where timed events stopped from working if the system's
59     clock is running backwards
60     o) STATS q|Q now shows how many times a resv{} block has been matched
61     o) Fixed contributed WEBIRC module
62     o) IRC operators may now again see server generated nick rejection notices
65     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.1 Release Notes
66     o) Fixed broken CIDR support for CHALLENGE based irc operator logins
67     o) Fixed class limits not properly applying to oper{} blocks
68     o) Fixed possible TBURST desynchronization with services
69     o) Fixed TBURST sending server's name to clients if it's a hidden server
72 michael 1540 -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.0 Release Notes
73 michael 1615 o) Fixed possible TBURST desynchronization with services
74     o) Fixed TBURST sending server's name to clients if it's a hidden server
76     -- ircd-hybrid-8.0.0 Release Notes
77 michael 1542 o) Fixed an off-by-one with spoofs. Spoofs are now also checked for
78 lusky 1580 invalid characters
79 michael 1547 o) Removed general::use_whois_actually configuration directive. This is
80     now enabled by default
81 michael 1573 o) Minor SQUIT handling fixes
82 michael 1575 o) Fixed bancache not being updated on CHGHOST/CHGIDENT
83 michael 1540
84 michael 1547
85 michael 1516 -- ircd-hybrid-8rc1 Release Notes
86     o) Removed general::client_flood configuration option and added the
87     new 'recvq' configuration directive to class{} blocks.
88     The max size of a receive queue can be seen in "STATS Y"
89     for each class
90 lusky 1580 o) Allow the '[' and ']' characters in server description
91 michael 1516
93 michael 1474 -- ircd-hybrid-8beta3 Release Notes
94 lusky 1580 o) Fixed wrong syntax in several language files
95     o) Removed &localchannels
96     o) PRIVMSG to opers@some.server is no longer supported
97     o) Fixed bug that could lead to topic desynchronization
98 michael 1493 o) Removed serverhide::disable_hidden configuration option
99     o) Dropped ircd-hybrid-6 GLINE compatibility mode
100 lusky 1580 o) Removed use_invex, use_except and use_knock configuration options.
101     These features are now enabled by default
102 michael 1474
104 michael 1424 -- ircd-hybrid-8beta2 Release Notes
105     o) channel::disable_fake_channels now also disables ascii 29 (mIRC italic)
106     when set to yes
107 michael 1432 o) Added channel::max_chans_per_oper configuration directive. The old way
108 lusky 1580 was to let operators join three times the amount of max_chans_per_user
109 michael 1441 o) Replaced MODLOAD, MODUNLOAD, MODRELOAD, MODLIST and MODRESTART commands
110     with the new MODULE command which can be fed with the LOAD, UNLOAD, RELOAD
111     and LIST parameters.
112 lusky 1580 MODRESTART has been entirely removed. Use "MODULE RELOAD *" to reload
113     all modules
114 michael 1442 o) Added back server notice when a client tries to obtain a reserved nick name
115 michael 1446 o) Removed OMOTD module
116 michael 1460 o) Added 'set' to operator privilege flags. Gives access to the "SET" command
117 michael 1464 o) Improved TS6 support
118 michael 1553 o) Channel keys/passwords are now case sensitive
119 michael 1424
120 michael 1441
121 michael 1245 -- ircd-hybrid-8beta1 Release Notes
122 lusky 1580 o) Implemented full services support, including but not limited to the
123     following changes:
124 michael 1244 - Added SVSNICK, and SVSMODE command handlers
125     - Added service stamps to NICK/UID messages
126 michael 1409 - Added SVS to server capabilities (CAPAB). SVS capable servers can
127 michael 1420 deal with extended NICK/UID messages that contain service IDs/stamps.
128 lusky 1580 - Changed rejected client notices to go to new usermode +j. These
129     previously used usermode +r.
130     - Added usermode +r (registered nick) and channelmode +r (registered channel)
131     - Added usermode +R (only registered clients may send a private message)
132     - Added channelmode +R (only registered clients may join that channel)
133 michael 1244 - Various services shortcuts have been added (/NS, /CS, /NICKSERV, /CHANSERV, etc.)
134     - Added services{} block to ircd.conf
135     - Added services_name directive to general{} block
136 michael 1421 - Added GLOBOPS mainly for services compatibility, but can be used by operators, too
137 lusky 1580 o) Removed RKLINE and RXLINE commands. Regular expression based bans should
138     only be added via ircd.conf
139     o) Added 'globops', 'restart', 'dline', 'undline' and 'module' operator
140     privilege flags. Read doc/example.conf for further explanation of what
141     these flags control
142     o) Removed Idle-time klines
143 michael 1244 o) Cleaned up modules API. Old modules won't work anymore
144 lusky 1580 o) Removed general::burst_away configuration directive. AWAY bursts are now
145 michael 1274 controlled via connect::flags explicitly
146     o) Introduced new logging subsystem including log rotation based on
147 michael 1418 file sizes. Log timestamp format is ISO8601 now
148 michael 1315 o) Added support for remote D-lines
149     o) Added usermode +H which is basically a replacement for the hidden_admin and
150     hidden_oper operator flags. With usermode +H, irc operator status can now
151     be hidden even on remote servers
152 michael 1418 o) Added CIDR support for operator{} blocks
153 lusky 1580 o) Removed the servlink program. ircd-hybrid can now make use of
154     SSL/TLS for inter-server communication.
155 michael 1315 NOTE: compressed server links are of course still available, but a SSL/TLS
156 lusky 1580 connection is required, as compression is now handled via OpenSSL
157 michael 1418 o) Removed 'ssl_server_protocol' configuration directive and
158     added 'ssl_client_method' and 'ssl_server_method' instead.
159     Both of these options can now be changed at runtime
160 michael 1382 o) Oper login IDs are no longer limited to NICKLEN*2
161 michael 1401 o) Removed channel::burst_topicwho configuration option. Topicsetters are
162     now sent by default
163 michael 1418 o) "STATS Y|y" now reports CIDR limits as well
164     o) Added m_webirc.c to contrib/
165 michael 1409 o) Overall code cleanup and speed improvements
166 michael 1244
167 michael 1245 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
168 michael 1244
169 adx 30 BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS
171     BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
172 michael 974 the bug by EMAIL to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org
173 michael 920 Please include a gdb backtrace and a copy of your config.h and
174 michael 883 ircd.conf with any report (with passwords and other sensitive
175 adx 30 information masked).
177     DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of hybrid issues,
178     including betas. To subscribe, use this link:
179     https://lists.ircd-hybrid.org/mailman/listinfo/hybrid
180     This is the proper place to discuss new features, bugs, etc. Posting here
181     is much more likely to get something done than ranting on #TZ.
183     Questions/comments directed to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org
185 michael 991 Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README, INSTALL
186 adx 30
187     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
188 knight 31 $Id$


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