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1 Translated message files (user/admin submitted)
3 There are user submitted message files for ircd-hybrid-7. Read the
4 example file in this directory (ircd-standard.example.lang) and the file
5 doc/messages.txt to learn how to create, install, and possibly submit
6 your own .lang files.
8 At the present time, the following languages are supported:
10 swedish - maintained by trbz - Chris C <chris@mircscripter.com>
11 croatian - maintained by Martin - Vid Strpic <strpic@bofhlet.net>
12 french - maintained by joshk - Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>
13 german - maintained by dmalloc - Darian Lanx <bio@gmx.net>
14 norwegian - maintained by inglish - Stephen Olsen <inglish@sol.no>
15 danish - maintained by Xride - Soren Straarup Andersen <xride@eit.ihk-edu.dk>
16 spanish - maintained by ermak - anonymous <ermak@cyberdude.com>
17 dutch - maintained by Riedel - Dennis Vink <vink@vuurwerk.nl>
18 polish - maintained by adx - Piotr Nizynski <adx@irc7.pl>
19 russian - maintained by Ilya - Ilya Shtift <ishtift@tagil.svrw.ru>
21 All of the files are installed into the prefix directory, under messages.
22 Each is installed into a different directory, prefixed by ircd-.
24 The message locale is settable at runtime with /quote SET MSGLOCALE language,
25 ex. /quote SET MSGLOCALE ircd-german
27 and via the message_locale="language"; in the general block of the ircd.conf.
28 ex. message_locale="ircd-german";
30 --
31 The ircd-hybrid team is not accountable for any mistakes, mistranslations, or
32 accidental insults from the use of one of the included translations. All
33 translations are done by individuals who have given their time and skills to
34 provide localized users with pre-built translations. The ircd-hybrid team
35 will try, but cannot guarantee that the translations are up to date with the
36 rest of the source tree, and with the "customized" messages.
38 Contributions are welcome, at present time please send contributed translations
39 to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org, hybrid@ircd-hybrid.org, or directly to one of the people
40 who work with the translations.
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