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Sun Oct 2 20:03:27 2005 UTC (14 years, 10 months ago) by adx
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- imported sources
- can be moved later according to the directory/branching scheme,
  but we need the svn up

1 adx 30 @echo off
3     rem Don't change it unless you edit IRCD_PREFIX in setup-win32.h too!
6     if exist src\ircd.c goto start
7     if exist ..\src\ircd.c goto start2
8     echo Are you sure you are executing this from ircd-hybrid sources directory?
9     goto end
11     :start2
12     cd ..
14     :start
15     if %1'==msvc' goto build
16     if %1'==bcc' goto build
18     cls
19     echo.
20     echo IRCD-Hybrid Windows build script
21     echo (C) Copyright 2005 by the past and present ircd coders, and others.
22     echo.
23     echo Do you want to edit default ircd settings now? [Type YES or NO]
24     echo @echo off >yes.bat
25     echo edit contrib\setup-win32.h >>yes.bat
26     echo exit >>yes.bat
27     copy yes.bat y.bat >nul
28     echo @exit >no.bat
29     echo @exit >n.bat
30     %COMSPEC% /k prompt Your choice?
31     del yes.bat
32     del no.bat
33     del y.bat
34     del n.bat
36     echo.
37     echo ------------------------------------------------
38     echo.
39     echo Which compiler do you want to use?
40     echo * If you are going to compile with Borland C++ Compiler, type: BCC
41     echo * If you want to use Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler, type: MSVC
42     echo @echo off >msvc.bat
43     echo call contrib\win32build msvc >>msvc.bat
44     echo exit >>msvc.bat
45     echo @echo off >bcc.bat
46     echo call contrib\win32build bcc >>bcc.bat
47     echo exit >>bcc.bat
48     %COMSPEC% /k prompt Your choice?
49     del bcc.bat
50     del msvc.bat
51     goto end2
53     :build
54     echo.
55     echo *** Building ircd-hybrid
56     copy contrib\setup-win32.h include\setup.h >nul
57     for %%a in (ircd.exe src\blalloc.c src\dynlink.c src\irc_res.c src\irc_reslib.c src\ircd_signal.c src\rsa.c src\s_bsd_*.c) do if exist %%a if not %%a==src\s_bsd_win32.c del %%a
58     for %%a in (modules\m_challenge.c modules\m_cryptlink.c contrib\libc_vprintf.c contrib\m_mkpasswd.c contrib\example_module.c contrib\ip_cloaking.c) do if exist %%a del %%a
60     if %1'==msvc' goto msvc
61     set COMPILER=BCC
62     bcc32 -tW -6 -O -w- -eircd.exe -I"include" -I"lib\pcre" src\*.c modules\*.c modules\core\*.c lib\pcre\*.c contrib\*.c
63     if errorlevel 1 goto error
64     if not exist ircd.exe goto error
65     for %%a in (rehash remotd kill) do bcc32 -tW -6 -O -w- -e%%a.exe -I"include" tools\win32\%%a.c
66     goto built
68     :msvc
69     set COMPILER=MSVC
70     cl /nologo /O2 /w /Feircd.exe /I"include" /I"lib\pcre" src\*.c modules\*.c modules\core\*.c lib\pcre\*.c contrib\*.c user32.lib wsock32.lib /link /subsystem:windows
71     if errorlevel 1 goto error
72     if not exist ircd.exe goto error
73     for %%a in (rehash remotd kill) do cl /nologo /O2 /w /Fe%%a.exe /I"include" tools\win32\%%a.c user32.lib /link /subsystem:windows
75     :built
76     if errorlevel 1 goto error
77     for %%a in (rehash.exe remotd.exe kill.exe) do if not exist %%a goto error
78     for %%a in (src\*.obj) do del %%a
79     for %%a in (modules\*.obj) do del %%a
80     for %%a in (modules\core\*.obj) do del %%a
81     for %%a in (lib\pcre\*.obj) do del %%a
82     for %%a in (*.obj) do del %%a
84     echo.
85     echo *** Installing ircd-hybrid into %IRCD_PREFIX% ...
86     echo.
87     if not exist %IRCD_PREFIX% md %IRCD_PREFIX%
88     for %%a in (bin etc help help\opers help\users logs messages) do if not exist %IRCD_PREFIX%\%%a md %IRCD_PREFIX%\%%a
89     copy ircd.exe %IRCD_PREFIX%\bin >nul
90     copy rehash.exe %IRCD_PREFIX%\bin >nul
91     copy remotd.exe %IRCD_PREFIX%\bin >nul
92     copy kill.exe %IRCD_PREFIX%\bin >nul
93     for %%a in (etc\*.conf etc\*.conf.quick) do copy %%a %IRCD_PREFIX%\etc >nul
94     for %%a in (cresv.conf dline.conf nresv.conf rkline.conf rxline.conf xline.conf kline.conf) do type nul >>%IRCD_PREFIX%\etc\%%a
95     for %%a in (help\opers\* help\users\*) do copy %%a %IRCD_PREFIX%\%%a >nul
96     for %%a in (messages\*.lang messages\README) do copy %%a %IRCD_PREFIX%\%%a >nul
97     echo *** Installation complete!
98     echo.
99     echo Remember to create the 'ircd.conf' file before actually starting the IRCD.
100     goto end
102     :error
103     for %%a in (ircd.exe rehash.exe remotd.exe kill.exe) do if exist %%a del %%a
104     for %%a in (src\*.obj) do del %%a
105     for %%a in (modules\*.obj) do del %%a
106     for %%a in (modules\core\*.obj) do del %%a
107     for %%a in (lib\pcre\*.obj) do del %%a
108     for %%a in (*.obj) do del %%a
109     echo.
110     echo The compilation has failed. Make sure the %COMPILER% compiler you choose
111     echo is actually installed, and that you haven't accidentally corrupted
112     echo your setup.h file. A common problem is also not having the directory of
113     echo compiler binary in PATH environment variable.
114     if %COMPILER%==MSVC goto end
115     echo.
116     echo Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 users please remember to set up BCC32.CFG
117     echo in your C:\BCC\BIN directory (or wherever you installed it)!
118     echo It should contain two lines like -IC:\BCC\INCLUDE and -LC:\BCC\LIB.
120     :end
121     echo.
122     pause
123     :end2
124     rem $Id$


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