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1 adx 30 mkpasswd.c documentation
2     $Id: README.mkpasswd,v 1.6 2005/04/24 12:43:09 michael Exp $
4     This is documentation for the mkpasswd.c included in ircd-hybrid-7.
6     This version of mkpasswd can create both DES and MD5 passwords, with
7     either randomly generated or user provided salts.
9     Options:
10     -m - Create an MD5 password
11     -d - Create a DES password
12     -l - Specify the length of a random MD5 salt
13     -p - Specify the plaintext password at the command line
14     -s - Specify the salt at the command line
15     -h - Get help
17     Without the presence of any parameters, it'll behave like the old mkpasswd,
18     creating a DES password with a randomly generated salt and prompting for
19     the password (without echo).
21     A DES salt is a pair of alphanumeric characters ('.' and '/' are permitted
22     as well), such as 'a4' or 'Td'.
24     An MD5 salt consists of up to 16 (though most implementations limit you to
25     8) alphanumeric characters (plus '.' and '/'),
26     such as 'tGd' or 'J6d4dfG'.
28     Known bugs:
29     Blowfish (on OpenBSD) is not yet supported
30     The encryption algorithms supported depend on your system's crypt()
31     implementation.
32     The maximum length of an MD5 salt is limited to your systems crypt()
33     implementation, typically 8.
34     crypt.c (MD5 implementation) is included, but not yet compiled into the
35     program for systems that do not support MD5.
37     Supported Platforms (Known and tested):
38     Linux glibc (DES and MD5)
39     FreeBSD 3.x (DES (MD5 maybe))
40     FreeBSD 4.x (DES and MD5)
41     Solaris 2.5-2.6 (DES only)
42     Cygwin 1.1.4 (DES only)
43     Prior Cygwin with the MD5 libcrypt (MD5 only)
44     OpenBSD 2.7 (don't link with -lcrypt) (DES and MD5, no Blowfish support)
45     Mac OS-X (Darwin) (don't link with -lcrypt) (DES only)
47     Other systems probably work, but they haven't been amply tested.


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