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Tue Aug 9 20:29:20 2011 UTC (11 years, 5 months ago) by michael
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- create ircd-hybrid-8 "branch"

1 ; A compilation of original h5/h6/bsdnet numerics
2 ; $Id$
4 RPL_CREATED: :%s 003 %s :This server rose from the ashes %s
5 RPL_STATSUPTIME: :%s 242 %s :Dianora hasn't messed with the server code now in %d days, %d:%02d:%02d
6 RPL_LUSEROP: :%s 252 %s %d :Smurf Targets (IRC Operators) online
7 RPL_LOAD2HI: :%s 263 %s :Hold your horses... the server load is temporarily too heavy. Try again later, ok?
8 RPL_UNAWAY: :%s 305 %s :OK, you're not /away anymore. Did you have fun?
9 RPL_NOWAWAY: :%s 306 %s :OK, you're /away now. Hurry back!
10 RPL_WHOISOPERATOR: :%s 313 %s %s :is a Smurf Target (IRC Operator)
11 RPL_WHOISADMIN: :%s 313 %s %s :is a Smurf Magnet (IRC Administrator)
12 RPL_YOUREOPER: :%s 381 %s :You have the phorce. Use it wisely.
13 RPL_REHASHING: :%s 382 %s %s :it slices, dices, and even reloads config files! Rehashing config file, mang.
14 ERR_PASSWDMISMATCH: :%s 464 %s :BZZZT!! Wrong password, dewd. Are you sure you know what you're doing?
15 ERR_YOUREBANNEDCREEP: :%s 465 %s :You are BANNED from this server - %s
16 ERR_NOPRIVILEGES: :%s 481 %s :UHHH, I don't THINK so, dewd... you ain't got those mad l33+ sk1llz. (IRC Operator)
17 ERR_CHANOPRIVSNEEDED: :%s 482 %s %s :You can't do that thing, when you don't have that swing (You're not channel operator)
18 ERR_CANTKILLSERVER: :%s 483 %s :Don't be an idiot - you can't kill a SERVER, fool.
19 ERR_UMODEUNKNOWNFLAG: :%s 501 %s :Unknown MODE flag - you smokin' something?
20 ERR_USERSDONTMATCH: :%s 502 %s :You can't change user modes for other users, silly - check that nickname again.


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