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1 Message Customization Overview
3 $Id$
5 Copyright (c) 2005-2012 by ircd-hybrid team
7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
9 Hybrid now supports its own .lang format for i18n'd IRC status messages.
11 This document is split into two parts, using message files, and creating
12 your own.
14 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
16 Using Provided or Pre-made Message Files
18 There are a number of message files provided with ircd-hybrid. These can
19 be found in the source tree in messages/.
21 These files are automatically installed by `make install'.
23 These message files can be used in ircd once they are installed. Try the
24 installed message file with /quote SET MSGLOCALE <locale> first. The
25 locale will be 'standard' for the plain messages that are Hybrid's
26 default.
28 If the desired message file works without any issues, it can be set to be
29 the default message file in the ircd.conf file. Refer to example.conf's
30 documentation on the message_locale setting.
32 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
34 Creating Your Own Messages
36 This process is a little more complicated. The easiest way to start
37 editing messages is to take ircd-standard.example.lang, make a copy,
38 and change whichever status lines you wish.
40 Once you have your customized message file ready, just copy it into the
41 same place as the rest of the messages, typically $PREFIX/messages.
43 If you think your .lang file deserves to be in the official distribution,
44 submit it to us at bugs@ircd-hybrid.org. It must be complete and as error-
45 free as you can make it since it is subject to public consumption. Providing
46 a translation will be a way that nearly anyone who knows multiple languages
47 to contribute to ircd, and get their name in the translation credits.
49 When making such a translation, you should base it off
50 ircd-standard.example.lang, which is a conversion of our base (English)
51 messages.tab into the .lang format. You should edit it from there into your
52 own language, and of course give credit to yourself and whoever else you
53 may have done the translation with. Then, send it off to us, and we'll see
54 what we can do.


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