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create 7.2 branch, we can move/rename it as needed.

1 LIST [options]
3 Without any arguments, LIST will give an entire list of all
4 channels which are not set as secret (+s). The list will be in
5 the form:
7 <#channel> <amount of users> :[topic]
9 If you want to use a specific filter, you can pass one or more
10 options separated by commas (','). Recognized options are:
11 *mask* List channels matching *mask*
12 !*mask* List channels NOT matching *mask*
13 >num Show only channels which contain more than <num> users
14 <num Show only channels which contain less than <num> users
15 C>num Display channels created within last <num> minutes
16 C<num Display channels created earlier than <num> minutes ago
17 T>num Limit matches to those channels whose topics are older
18 than <num> minutes
19 T<num Limit matches to those channels whose topics have been
20 changed within last <num> minutes
22 To stop a running LIST request, use /LIST command again.
24 See also: join


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