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create 7.2 branch, we can move/rename it as needed.

1 ircd-hybrid documentation guidelines
3 1. When a major change in the code affects users, it MUST be documented
4 in whats-new and all other appropriate locations.
6 2. When something affects the configuration file, and it's compatibility
7 with previous versions, it MUST be documented in example.conf and in a
8 proposed new document README.NOW. This is VERY important during the beta
9 phase to help anyone who mans the "help desk".
11 3. All documentation must properly fit in an 80 character wide terminal.
12 SGML and other "professional" documentation systems are good for some
13 projects, but hybrid is intended to be used on minimal UNIX installations
14 where any extra binary is a security risk. Text only docs, sized to fit
15 properly in an 80 character wide console, are what admins expect, and that's
16 what they should get.
18 4. All documentation must be spell checked before a release or a beta.
19 'ispell' (using either the US or British dictionary) is probably the
20 easiest way to spell check the documentation. 'ispell -a' at the command
21 line will allow you to check individual words as you are editing.
23 5. When a document is over approximately 5 pages long, it should be split
24 into sections to facilitate users reading them.
26 6. All docs (except docs specifically describing code) should be written
27 in a way that all users of the software (not just programmers) will be able
28 to easily understand.
30 7. Don't make documentation a chore. If it's done while coding, or shortly
31 after, it usually is more accurate and the documentation tasks don't get
32 pushed back and pile up.
34 8. Don't forget to include a CVS Id.
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