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Thu Nov 1 11:54:48 2007 UTC (12 years, 5 months ago) by michael
Original Path: ircd-hybrid-7.2/RELNOTES
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- Backported new ACCEPT code which adds support for n!u@h masks

1 michael 867 -- ircd-hybrid-7.2.4 RELNOTES
2     o) Fixed occasional core when placing RESVs on channel names
3 michael 878 o) Fixed topic desynchronization which sometimes may
4     happen during netbursts
5     o) WATCH support implemented. Known from other daemons, such
6     as Dreamforge and Bahamut.
7 michael 883 o) Fixed bug which would cause invalid invisible counts on oper-up in case
8     operator::umodes and/or general::oper_umodes contains 'invisible'
9 michael 885 o) Removed broken LazyLinks
10     o) Minor code optimizations and cleanups
11 michael 887 o) ACCEPT now supports nick!user@host masks
12 michael 867
14 michael 831 -- ircd-hybrid-7.2.3 RELNOTES
15     o) Added ircd-italian.lang language file
16 db 855 o) Added -full to etrace
17     o) Added +C for opers
18     o) Fixed core in temp channel resv
19 lusky 858 o) Fixed CHALLENGE to work with user=IP
20     o) Misc fixes to TESTMASK and TESTLINE
21     o) Added support for nick masks to TESTMASK
22     o) Fixed /modlist to show up whether or not a module is resident
23     o) Fixed command line arguments handling to allow more than one switch
24     o) Fixed numeric delivery for mixed TS5 target on the other side of a TS6 server.
25 michael 831
26 lusky 858
27 michael 545 -- ircd-hybrid-7.2.2 RELNOTES
28 michael 632 o) Added channel::disable_fake_channels config directive
29 michael 570 o) Fixed broken FORCEJOIN (contrib)
30 michael 548 o) Added missing documentation for connect::vhost
31 michael 552 o) Fixed problem with G-Line voting
32 michael 560 o) Fixed "STATS ?" so it doesn't report negative traffic statistics
33 michael 570 o) Fixed core in m_mkpasswd.c (contrib)
34 michael 579 o) Reduced memory usage for channel members
35 michael 584 o) Added general::stats_e_disabled which simply disables "STATS e"
36     for other operators and administrators
37 michael 597 o) Ignore signal SIGXFSZ to prevent the daemon from dying on missconfigured
38     file size limits
39 michael 670 o) Slight optimizations to the block allocator
40 michael 683 o) Fixed harmless bug that could result in incorrect bytes sent statistics
41     in "STATS t"
42 michael 687 o) "STATS y|Y" now shows whether a class is active or disabled
43 michael 707 o) Added ircd-brazilian_pt.lang language file
44     o) Misc. ACCEPT fixes. E.g. don't remove an accept record if a client is
45     changing between equivalent nicknames like 'nick' and 'NiCk'.
46 michael 710 o) Minor resolv.conf parser fixes. Added missing support for ';' comments
47 michael 714 o) Fixed core on MODRESTART
48 michael 545
49 michael 683
50 michael 523 -- ircd-hybrid-7.2.1 RELNOTES
51     o) Fixed build on SRV4
52     o) Fixed problem where ircd would disconnect all SSL connections
53     o) Added initial CAP support. Additional documentation can be found
54     in doc/technical
55     o) Speeded up command parsing
56     o) Fixed occasional core dump on UN*LINE
57 michael 318 o) Fixed bug where particular clients would always receive
58     "Load is temporarily too heavy" message
59     o) Improved memory consumption, i.e. memory consumption has
60     been reduced for remote clients
61 michael 321 o) Fixed possible core in case default_cipher_preference directive isn't set
62 michael 324 o) Fixed "CHANSERV INVITE" bug with anope services
63 michael 330 o) Updated example configuration files to reflect new topicburst flags
64     directive in connect{} blocks
65 michael 555 o) Fixed core if using the operator::umodes directive
66 michael 352 o) Don't allow shared k-lines to be set without a valid reason
67 michael 371 o) Improved channel ban match processing. This also fixes CIDR bans
68 lusky 308
69 michael 352
70 lusky 308 -- ircd-hybrid-7.2.0 RELNOTES
71 adx 30 o) Fixed broken operwall = yes;
72 michael 56 o) Added 'umode' directive to oper{}. List of modes to get on /OPER.
73 michael 555 This behaves exactly like H6's sixth O line field
74 michael 94 o) Fixed a WHOIS bug
75 michael 159 o) Fixed bug where we would increase Count.invisi even
76 michael 555 if general::invisible_on_connect is turned off
77 adx 201 o) Removed invite_ops_only, controlled by paranoid (+p) now
78 adx 269 o) Better DDoS protection
79 lusky 304 o) Fixed va_list bug on amd64
80     o) Fixed /dev/poll
81 adx 30
83     -- ircd-hybrid-7.2rc1 RELNOTES
84     o) ircd can dynamically change all its client/fd limits at runtime
85     o) Added epoll as the primary I/O engine under Linux
86     o) Local channels will not show up in remote /WHOIS
87     o) Added hidden_name which allows customized hidden server names
88     o) Added restrict_channels to define a static channel set
89     o) Added --disable-gline-voting to disable G-Line votes
90     for small networks or people who don't want it.
91     o) Allow accumulating more ip= entries in an exempt{} block
92     o) Various improvements and bugfixes
93     o) Make win32 build usable
94     o) Fixed ban caching bug
95     o) Cosmetical fixes to TIME
96     o) Get "KLINE nick" to work with clients that have a spoof
97     o) Fixed RESV/XLINE bug in conjunction with names that include escaped
98     characters such as \*, \?, \#.
101     -- ircd-hybrid-7.2beta1 RELNOTES
102     o) Usermode +G, like +g, but allow messaging from people on common channels
103     o) Usermode +D - "deaf", don't receive channel messages
104 michael 555 o) RXLINE and RKLINE - commands for setting perl compatible regular expression
105     based K and X lines
106 adx 30 o) Join flood is now detected and reported to +b opers
107     o) Re-added REJECT_HOLD - lock clients for a while before throwing away
108     o) ping_warning, a class{} option to notify opers before "Ping timeout"
109 michael 555 o) New hooking system, modularized: usermodes, iauth, message filtering etc.
110 adx 30 o) Network I/O speedups
111     o) Various cleanups and bugfixes
112     o) Support for client SSL
113     o) Support for services (contrib/m_services.c)
114     o) IP cloaking module (contrib/ip_cloaking.c)
115     o) Native win32 build
116 michael 555 o) The password set in auth::password can now be encrypted
117     o) Introduced new listen::flags directive. Currently available flags are
118     'ssl' and 'hidden'. Please read example.conf for further details
119 adx 30
120     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
122     BUGS: Major bugs in this release are listed in BUGS
124     BUG REPORTS: If you run this code and encounter problems, you must report
125     the bug in one of the following ways:
126 michael 555 a) By EMAIL to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org
127 adx 30 b) On http://forum.ircd-hybrid.org/
128 michael 555 Please include a gdb backtrace and a copy of your setup.h and
129 michael 883 ircd.conf with any report (with passwords and other sensitive
130 adx 30 information masked).
132     DISCUSSION: There is a mailing list for discussion of hybrid issues,
133     including betas. To subscribe, use this link:
134     https://lists.ircd-hybrid.org/mailman/listinfo/hybrid
135     This is the proper place to discuss new features, bugs, etc. Posting here
136     is much more likely to get something done than ranting on #TZ.
137     You can also use Hybrid forums at http://forum.ircd-hybrid.org/
139     Questions/comments directed to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org
141     Please read doc/whats-new.txt for information about what is in this release
143     Other files recommended for reading: BUGS, README.FIRST, INSTALL
145     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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