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1 $Id$
3 The hybrid team is a group of ircd coders who were frustrated
4 with the instability and all-out "dirtiness" of the EFnet ircd's
5 available. "hybrid" is the name for the collective efforts of a group
6 of people, all of us.
8 Anyone is welcome to contribute to this effort. You are encouraged
9 to participate in the Hybrid mailing list. To subscribe to the
10 Hybrid List, use this link:
11 https://lists.ircd-hybrid.org/mailman/listinfo/hybrid
13 The core team as, of this major release:
15 adx, Piotr Nizynski <adx@irc7.pl>
16 billy-jon, William Bierman III <bill@mu.org>
17 cryogen, Stuart Walsh <stu@ipng.org.uk>
18 Dianora, Diane Bruce <db@db.net>
19 joshk, Joshua Kwan <joshk@triplehelix.org>
20 knight, Alan LeVee <alan.levee@prometheus-designs.net>
21 metalrock, Jack Low <jclow@csupomona.edu>
22 Michael, Michael Wobst <michael.wobst@gmail.com>
23 Rodder, Jon Lusky <lusky@blown.net>
24 Wohali, Joan Touzet <joant@ieee.org>
26 The following people have contributed blood, sweat, and/or code to
27 recent releases of Hybrid, in nick alphabetical order:
29 A1kmm, Andrew Miller <a1kmm@mware.virtualave.net>
30 Adrian Chadd <adrian@creative.net.au
31 AndroSyn, Aaron Sethman <androsyn@ratbox.org>
32 bane, Dragan Dosen <bane@idolnet.org>
33 bysin, Ben Kittridge <bkittridge@cfl.rr.com>
34 cosine, Patrick Alken <wnder@uwns.underworld.net>
35 David-T, David Taylor <davidt@yadt.co.uk>
36 fl, Lee Hardy <lee@leeh.co.uk>
37 Garion, Joost Vunderink <garion@efnet.nl>
38 Habeeb, David Supuran <habeeb@cfl.rr.com>
39 Hwy101, W. Campbell <wcampbel@botbay.net>
40 jmallett, Juli Mallett <jmallett@FreeBSD.org>
41 jv, Jakub Vlasek <jv@pilsedu.cz>
42 k9, Jeremy Chadwick <ircd@jdc.parodius.com>
43 kire, Erik Small <smalle@hawaii.edu>
44 kre, Dinko Korunic <kreator@fly.srk.fer.hr>
45 madmax, Paul Lomax <madmax@efnet.org>
46 nenolod, William Pitcock <nenolod@nenolod.net>
47 Riedel, Dennis Vink, <riedel@chaotic.nl>
48 scuzzy, David Todd <scuzzy@aniverse.net>
49 spookey, David Colburn <spookey@spookey.org>
50 TimeMr14C, Yusuf Iskenderoglu <uhc0@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
51 toot, Toby Verrall <to7@antipope.fsnet.co.uk>
52 vx0, Mark Miller <mark@oc768.net>
53 wiz, Jason Dambrosio <jason@wiz.cx>
54 Xride, SΓΈren Straarup <xride@x12.dk>
55 zb^3, Alfred Perlstein <alfred@freebsd.org>
57 Others are welcome. Always. And if we left anyone off the above list,
58 be sure to let us know that too. Many others have contributed to
59 previous versions of this ircd and its ancestors, too many to list
60 here.
62 Send bug fixes/complaints/rotten tomatoes to bugs@ircd-hybrid.org.


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