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1 Make
2 ----
4 Quick Start:
6 1. ./configure
7 2. make
8 3. make install
9 4. cd $HOME/hopm
10 5. edit $HOME/hopm/etc/hopm.conf to suit
11 6. $HOME/hopm/bin/hopm
13 In detail:
15 ./configure has a few options which you might need:
17 --prefix Sets the root of HOPM's install. By default this
18 is $HOME/hopm, with binaries going in
19 $HOME/hopm/bin, config in $HOME/hopm/etc and logs
20 in $HOME/hopm/var/log.
22 --bindir Specify the place to install binaries. By default
23 this is $PREFIX/bin. (see --prefix, above)
25 --localstatedir Specify the place where logs and PID files will be
26 kept. By default this is $PREFIX/var. (see
27 --prefix, above)
29 configure has many other options, see ./configure --help for more
30 details.
32 There are some further options in options.h which may be moved to
33 configure at some point. If you think you need to change these then we
34 assume you've read the code and know why.
36 Compilation of HOPM requires GNU Make (usually 'gmake' on BSD systems).
38 Configuration
39 -------------
41 Edit hopm.conf as needed. Most options are self explanatory and
42 contain a short description.
44 Please take note of the target_string which may be different for your ircd.
45 Because we check that we really have connected back onto IRC, HOPM needs to
46 be told what your ircd says during the first part of a connection. If you're
47 not sure, the best thing to do is telnet to your ircd from your shell, e.g.:
49 [miwob@svn ~]$ telnet irc.ircd-hybrid.org 6667
50 Trying
51 Connected to irc.ircd-hybrid.org (
52 Escape character is '^]'.
53 :irc.ircd-hybrid.org NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname
54 :irc.ircd-hybrid.org NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident
55 :irc.ircd-hybrid.org NOTICE * :*** No Ident response
56 :irc.ircd-hybrid.org NOTICE * :*** Found your hostname
58 Just try to pick something in the first line of IRC output (for efficiency
59 reasons).
61 If you don't run an ircd at all (some people are using bopchecker for spam
62 checking, etc.) then you're going to have to use a bit of ingenuity. You
63 basically need any port on your own machine that responds with a plain text
64 challenge that is unlikely to appear anywhere else.
66 NNTP servers are good examples because they give a banner. Don't be
67 tempted to use port 25 (SMTP) because although it looks like just what you
68 want, too many networks transparent proxy outgoing port 25 connections to
69 their own smart host, so you'll miss many proxies.
71 The same applies if you run some kind of ircd that has no form of
72 banner at all (ircnet??). Worst case is you'll need to make something
73 listen on one of your ports that gives some predictable string.
75 Remember that your users might run their own ircd on some typical proxy
76 port like 8080! If you can, put a banner in that contains your own
77 server name, so that it is unlikely to be duplicated.
80 Execution
81 ---------
83 You can run HOPM from any directory, the path to its config file is
84 compiled into it. The bot will fork and connect to the IRC server
85 immediately. Any errors and debug information can be found in
86 $PREFIX/var/log/hopm.log.
88 You can tell HOPM to use a different config file with the -c argument,
89 this works the same way that wgmon's -c argument does, just give the name
90 of the config file not including the ".conf". This also affects the log
91 and PID files i.e. ./hopm -c myserver will read from myserver.conf, log to
92 myserver.log and write PID to myserver.pid. If you do not use -c, the
93 files hopm.conf, hopm.log and hopm.pid will be used by default. This can
94 be altered in options.h. This is useful for running multiple HOPM on
95 the same host.
97 Further debugging can be enabled by using one or more -d switches. One or
98 more -d switches will cause the bot to not fork on startup, and it will
99 send all log messages to stderr (i.e., your terminal) instead of its
100 logfile. It will also cause extra debugging information that is not
101 normally of interest to be sent to stderr. Two or more -d switches will
102 enable logging of all IRC traffic received and sent.
104 The -c and -d arguments may appear in any order.


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