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Sat Dec 21 18:35:24 2013 UTC (6 years, 6 months ago) by michael
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- Update several help files

1 GLINE <user@host> :[reason]
3 -- if glines are enabled --
4 Attempts to add a global IRC-network wide ban on
5 <user@host> for the reason [reason].
7 It takes three different opers on three different
8 servers to do the same GLINE within a short interval,
9 to have a GLINE triggered for a compiled time of hours.
11 GLINE user@ip.ip.ip.ip
12 will gline the user at the unresolved ip.
13 ip.ip.ip.ip can be in CIDR form i.e.
14 or 192.168.0.* (which is converted to CIDR form internally)
16 - Requires Oper Priv: gline


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